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Mar 15, 2008 08:17 PM

Dosa Place? (JH, old Dosa Diner spot)

I had been lamenting the disappearance of Dosa Diner, but I happened to notice while driving down 37th Ave. this evening that "Dosa Place" seems to have filled the void. Does anybody have any information about this place?

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  1. when i got home last night, someone had slipped a pile of take out menus from this place into my building's vestible. still strictly veg, but a broader array of non-dosa/pancake/iddly items than dosa diner. the word 'delivery' does not appear on the menu, so will have to stop by to taste test.

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      We went to Dosa Place on Saturday night. We'd only been to Dosa Diner once, but from what I recall, it's more or less exactly the same (with perhaps a more expansive menu). Chili paneer was nice.

      1. re: bennyt

        was there on sunday....and it does have the same vibe, with the absence of a liquor license (although the manager gent offered to go to the deli to buy beer for us!) food was, for the most part, stellar. a nice pani poori, good iddli/vada apps, served with a particularly tasty sambar. loved the pondicherry dosa and the saag veg dish we ordered. the only down note was the utthapam (apologies for bad spelling), which was kind of heavy. would highly recommend in general

        1. re: david sprague

          just ate here this past weekend, the rava masala dosa was great, we had the combo iddli/vada (decent) but the thali was really disappointing. next time, I'll go with just all dosas probably. and its not surprising about the heavy utthapam, it's always been outta control greasy whenever I've had it unfortunately.

          1. re: bigjeff

            oops, the difference between utthapam and uppadam? I only know it as the cream of wheat thing with lots of veggie and spicy goodies in it, but the other incarnation (or other spelling) refers more to a pan-fried version of something, with similar toppings?

    2. Same owners as Dosa Diner. When walking by, my wife and I noticed that Dosa Place was opening up. Asked what the deal was, and they said its the same people, etc. Hope its still good! Very strange.

      1. went there last tuesday night (I'm sort of addicted to the place) and had a few nice selections, but the favorite is always the rava masala dosa (usually served in a rectangle, with the round edges folded over). deliciously crispy, lacy, lots of nice herbs right in the batter, and with the chili paneer. nice. the pondicherry was okay for me, I was expecting something very different but, was your typical although it was folded up tight around the potato filling and you could pick it up with your hands and eat it like a sandwich, as opposed to the long tube dosas.

        the meal was great but the crazier part was, we were eating late and around 9:30pm, a bollywood dance/song troupe came in, set up, changed into costumes and within 30 minutes, we were witness to some serious singing from a male/female duo (awesome voices), somewhat lazy keyboarding but still cool, and a drummer on his roland drum set. there were 5 ladies taking turns "performing" on the dancefloor. it was insane, surreal, awesome and a perfect ending to our meal. the hostess said they have this every night actually so if you're in the mood for something different, catch a late dinner at dosa place. I don't think there was a cover charge if you were coming in off the street, but since we lingered from dinner, there was no problem, I don't think. one weird thing: the audience was all guys; there was no tipping or anything, but it did sorta seem like a revue; very decent though! and again, the singing talent was awesome.

        1. Was driving thru Hicksville today and saw Dosa Diner there