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Mar 15, 2008 06:11 PM

Best Omelets in Town?

Can you all please help fill me in on some of the best places in town to get omelets, or guide me to an earlier post if there was one. My husband and I thought there was some kind of trailer/cart downtown called the Omelet Station, but I can't seem to find it. Thanks for your help!

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  1. My fav is the Omeltry on Burnet

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    1. re: gulch

      My favorite is the custom omelet station at the Golden Corral on So. Lamar. Only on weekends.

      1. re: gulch

        You have to be careful at the Omelettry, though. The quality of their omelettes varies greatly depending on the cook. And, besides that, the omelettes are still spotty. The best bets are the cheese or ham and cheese omelettes.

        Their Spanish omelette is just a cheese omelette with acidic, raw, garlicy salsa on top for your heartburn.

        The broccoli omelette with lemon sour cream sauce is hard to eat because they put huge undercooked spears of broccoli in it.

        The mushroom omelette sounded great - mushrooms sauteed with wine. But the mushrooms when I had it were left whole.

        And don't let any of your friends order the Chili con Queso omelette. It's just a cheese omelette with movie-theater-like nacho cheese poured on top.

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        1. The Original Pancake House on Parmer & Metric hands down, great pancakes to. I like the apple pancake. It's my favorite breakfast place so far.