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Mar 15, 2008 06:06 PM

Panaderia Oaxaqueno: tamales next door

I was at PO this morning to pick up some pastries, and there's a new tamale shop two doors down the street. Brand new, opened today, all the appliances are shiny stainless, and the floor is newly tiled. There will be limited seating but it wasn't ready today. I'm not sure of the relationship with PO, but they are family or friends or something. KR, you're a better reporter than I, as witnessed by the fact that I forgot the name. Something Tamales.

The premise of the place is breakfast: tamales (beef, pork, chicken, rajas&cheese, pineapple, strawberry), tacos, birria de res, and pozole (the last two are family portions, 32 oz to go, with rice and tortillas and salsa/onion/cilantro/limes). Also breakfast plates huevos rancheros, machaca, etc. The tamales I had were good, and the birria was delicious. Big chunks of beef in a rich broth. Prices were a little high I think ($1.75 for tamales, $10 for the birria package). The young woman at the register is the daughter of the owner/cook.

Also, PO has expanded to include a bigger sit-down area, looks nice.

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  1. Hey Great find Leucadian!

    If they are friends with Panaderia Ortiz - I wonder if they are likewise Oaxaquenos and will make some tamales traditionalk to the state?

    How would you rate the masa of the tamales? I am interested to hear if they stand up to Ancira. I've been meaning to get back up to Tortilleria Los Reyes because I miss their Borrego and avocado salsa. I think their tamales are even better than ancira - this makes sense considering their foremost job is being masters of masa.

    Is it red pozole?

    You are talking about the Vista outpost...right?

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      OK, I really need to be more detail oriented when I post. Yes, this is Panaderia Ortiz in Vista that I visited (made my Saturday trek to the farmer's market). The lady that was in charge (owner/cook?) is from Guanajuato, I think, but definitely not from Oaxaca, because that's what I asked. I didn't have the pozole, so I can't comment about it. I did like the tamales, but I was hoping for something different from the norm. In the chicken tamale that I had, the masa was rich, with flecks of green chile, and lots of well seasoned chicken. Delicious. Comparing it to the tamale I had at North Park Produce on El Cajon last week, the masa at NPP was much lighter. I think it's on a par with Los Reyes' tamales. Better than Ancira, but I think the last time I was at Ancira, the tamales had been in the steamer way too long, and were waterlogged as a result. I'll have to try the sweet tamales at the new place, since those are harder to find.

      KR, we need someone with your investigative skills to get the story right on the new place, not to mention getting the name! And perhaps encourage them to be more adventurous in their menu offerings.

      Anyway, I'll go back.

      I had some tamales over the holidays made by a friend and her mother, that were very good, but I especially liked that they were tied at both ends like an English popper, and they were all different sizes. Not food for a commercial operation, with extra effort to tie the ends with strips of corn husk, and the odd sizes preclude a single price. But I really liked the variety. The fillings were chicken or cheese and chile.

    2. On the ruta al norte yesterday I swung by. It was spurred by an ad I saw in El Semanario weekly. They are called Tamales Dolores and consider their tamales to be in the style of Dolores Hidalgo in the Bajio state of Guanajuato.

      Unfortunately they were already closed. They offer Menudo, birria and pozole. Their tamales are chicken, pork, res, chile and cheese and raisin.

      1. Finally got some Tamales from Tamales Dolores on the way north today. They only had the pork and the chicken so I got one of each.

        - The pork in a red sauce was ok - nothing made me want to buy it again - Ancira does better things with cochinita!

        - MAN, the the delicate tamal de pollo was the best chicken tamal I can remember consuming! The masa was almost icing light - flavorful and contained fine shredded chicken breast just barely tinged green. It was a small little guy and went extraordinary well with their garlicy red arbol tomato salsa.