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Mar 15, 2008 06:03 PM

Marco Island - On the water

Wife and I will be celebrating her 40th in Marco at the end of the month.
I am looking for someplace really nice with possible sunset dining. I am considering Sale e Pepe - what do you think? Any other suggestions?

Also, looking for suggestion for casual lunch on the beach.

We'll be staying at the Hilton. Can we walk to Sale e Pepe from the Hilton?


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  1. Sale e Pepe is quite good for fine dining on the beach. You can walk from the Hilton. It is a bit of a hoof, but not terrible. My favorite beachfront fine dining is Kurrents at the Marriott. If you let either of the places know about the birthday, they will take good care of you. The view is not much at Kurrents, but the food is special. For a casual lunch on the beach, go to the Sunset Grille at the Apollo all the way on the south end of the beach. The food is nothing special, think sports bar, but the view is unmatched.
    I have lived on Marco for 21 years so have a pretty good fix on what is going on.

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      Sale E Pepe is very good, but I prefer the Blue Heron on the Isles of Capri, a couple of miles of Marco. It sits on the bay and if you let them know it's a special occasion they'll surely pamper you. Sale certainly does have the ambiance, if that's what you're looking for. They also serve lunch, although the service seems to be uneven and slow.
      Kurrents doesn't have much of a view, but Quinns right at the Marriott does. It's expensive for lunch, but you can sit outside, right on the beach. The food is much better than the Sunset and the view is better because you don't have dune between you and the beach.
      I don't know how long you're staying, but the Hilton is right across the street from a shopping center that has about 6 restaurants. Davinci's is the best of the lot there.

    2. Bayview at the Esplanade has great meals and a sunset view over a bay. We even saw dolphins at lunch one day.