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Mar 15, 2008 05:49 PM

Easter Brunch specials in Edmonton!?

Any special brunches going on for Easter Sunday or Monday in Edmonton (East, D/Town or South), or even in Sherwood Park?
We're trying to take the entire family out so good mainstream would be the best and safest option. Buffets welcome, but not Buffet Royale!!

Appreciate any feedback.

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  1. certainly first choice would be the Hotel Mac but the price would be way up there.

    I had a really nice easter brunch one year at La Boheme in the Highlands. I would recommend checking out Cafe de Ville to see if they do something special or perhaps Cafe select.

    For mainstream buffets I would check out the various hotels they will all have buffet brunches on sunday.

    1. I drove by Coast Terrance Inn on Calgary Tr and they had their sign flashing, Buffet, $28.95 (or $28.99, I can't exactly remember). We went there last spring and loved the selection. Tons of amazing dessert and their fresh fruit area was huge and more than just melons. They also had a guy making fresh omelets and I think someone was doing crepes. They had a cold seafood sections and then all the typical breakfast meats, carbs followed by more lunchie (or brunchie, if you prefer) items.

      We went to the one at the Delta (beside Coast Terrace) and it was awful and over priced! Do not get this confused with the brunch they've served at the Top of the Inn, if you call that hotel and the brunch is up there, that stuff was good. In their cafe downstairs, it was bad and extremely disappointing