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Mar 15, 2008 05:46 PM

São Paulo and Rio airports

We will be in Brazil in April. Our destination is João Pessoa in Paraiba but we have lengthy layovers in both Guarulhos and Jobim Airports. Any recs for restaurants in the airports or maybe a cab ride away? Also, any recs for João Pessoa?

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  1. I've never found anything worthwhile in either. Food in nearby hotels with day rooms is also not noteworthy. Plan to catch a taxi and ask the driver.

    1. Ther is a decent sushi restaurant in GRU. It is located near the Delta Check-in (I forgot which terminal this is).

      1. The Marriott at the GRU airport (5 minutes by taxi) has 2 restaurants.

        One is a coffee shop/ buffet type.

        The other is on a much smaller formal scale of which I have eaten at a number of times while in transit. The Picanha was always good and a workable wine list.