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Mar 15, 2008 05:30 PM

Acme Burger Company - Salt Lake City

My friend and I really enjoyed the burgers. Good stuff!

The desserts left much to be desired, though. The bread pudding was inedible.

The food was slow coming up. I was surprised because they have a flat screen monitor showing the pass and the action in the kitchen - actually, the lack thereof when we ordered. I saw our two plates sitting there, but it took around 20 minutes for two medium rare burgers to come up. Dessert took closer to 1/2 an hour - for bread pudding and the lemon mousse. They might want to remove the monitor - it's embarrassing to show your clients how long two little, lonely burgers take to prepare!

Our server rocked though. He had the food to us as soon as it was up. He took the bread pudding off of the bill.

Would I go back, yes. I thought the burgers were wonderful. We'll see if the wait for the food it typical, but I certainly thought the burgers worth it. We'll skip dessert next time.

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  1. Been four times and the only thing that has impressed me is the bathroom. Then again, I've never gotten the Adam Kreisel hype. Fifth time? Not likely.

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      It's a shame to see they still haven't got their service upto speed. I don't think putting "good food takes time" in your menu excuses you from producing and delivering food to the table in a timely fashion.

      After all, no matter how rarefied they make the burgers and fries, they are still burgers and fries...these things should be flying out of the kitchen...