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Best biscuit in Orlando?

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Anyone have any recommendations where my family and I can find the best biscuits in Orlando while we're down there next week? Really looking for some great, local breakfast joints. Thanks!

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  1. Depending on where you are, First Watch has great breakfasts with a few Orlando locations (including Winter Park and Altamonte Springs), but if you ask me, the best biscuits are at Cracker Barrel, a chain. In fact, they're probably my favorite breakfast place in general.

    1. No biscuits at this place, but my favorite place to eat breakfast is Bagel King on Semoran Blvd. in Cassellberry. Their bagels are wonderful, and the hashbrowns are awesome.

      If you are down by the parks, I like to have breakfast in Celebration at either the Market St. Diner (I think that's what it's called - it's on the corner by the lake), or at On A Roll, which is more of a sandwich place (again, on Market St.), but their breakfast sandwiches are extremely good. Again, no bisuits that I've had at either place, but their breakfasts are really good.

      1. If you want biscuits you'll have to go to the small local places( although Hardee's does a good job in a pinch.)

        Just north of Apopka on 441 there is the Plymouth Woodshed which does a great traditional southern breakfast ---Biscuits, sausage gravy etc. plus killer blueberry pancakes.

        1. I know it's a chain, but is anybody making biscuits better than Bob Evans?

          I've never had biscuits this good...

          With butter and various jellies and jams from the jelly tree they have on the table---
          it's a scene man!

          Keep your hands and feet away from my mouth!

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            You know, I feel the same way, but then I'm from Ohio and so is Bob Evans.

            ...Keep your hands off my biscuit basket and the honey jar and everything will be fine....

            I don't really like the BE's breakfast food except for the biscuits, the oatmeal, and the pancakes. Could I have a side of starch with my starch?

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              Ooooo, yeah, Bob Evans biscuits, yum! I like to get a big bowl of sausage gravy and eat the biscuits with the gravy along with fried mush:o)

            2. Honestly? Having been born and bred in the deep south and coming from a long line of southern biscuit makers, you'll be hard pressed to find a better biscuit than Bojangles.


              Go all the way and get the spicey chicken biscuit.

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                Oh yeah, Bojangles has awesome biscuits and sweet tea. They closed down in Louisville years ago and I haven't seen one since:o( I also like Popeye's biscuits and we at least have those here in Orlando:o)

              2. I'd have to vote for Buttermilks Country Restaurant, located on the Maitland/Casselberry line on 17/92. From I-4, Exit on East on Maitland Blvd. Take 2.5 miles or so until it dead ends into 17-92. Head 17/92 north, the restaurant is about 1-1.5 miles up on the right.

                This is a local restaurant with a big following, weekends are always crowded. They have biscuits all day and night: fresh, big, airy, buttery biscuits. They serve great breakfast, lunch and dinner. Country cooking with hearty portions...and the Fried Green Tomatoes (appetizer) are wonderful!!

                Buttermilks Country Restaurant
                8499 S Us Hwy 17/92
                Casselberry, FL 32730
                (407) 332-6446

                I'd give them a try, it's worth the trip and some of the best biscuits you'll find down here. Plan on a wait for weekend breakfast!


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                  Best biscuits = Popeyes, with honey. However, I don't think they serve breakfast.

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                    Buttermilks is closed I think. There is a for sale sign in front of the property. I'd suggest you call before going.

                  2. Ethos Vegan just started a sunday brunch and they had excellent biscuits!!

                    1. I can't say anything about their biscuits, or any of their food for that matter since ive never eaten at either place, but just down the road from where i live near UCF, in oviedo there is the oviedo townhouse restaurant (that i know has won some awards for best breakfast, etc) and right nearby is the oviedo diner. Both are little family type places that ive wanted to check out for a while, the type of places that usually have phenomenal breakfasts/biscuits. and if not theres a popeyes right across the street.

                      Also i think something should be said about Church's chickens biscuits, theyre definitely up there popeyes in my opinion.

                      1. Great question. I LOVE Biscuits. I have to agree with Blue Herons. The best biscuit is by far Bojangles. Every biscuit is made from scratch and so hot and fresh that they never serve a biscuit that is more than twenty minutes old. I also have the best news ever for all of you... They are opening a Bojangles in Orlando early 2009. Address: 11291 East Colonial Drive (Near Alafaya Trail / East Orlando / Waterford Lakes Area) I drove past a sign on colonial drive and nearly got in a car crash because I couldn't take my eyes off the sign. So Exciting!! Here is the local website that was written on their sign. http://www.bojanglesflorida.com/

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                          I did not need to know about the upcoming Bojangles opening!!! ;o) ;o)

                          Just kidding. See ya there on opening day, LOL!