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Mar 15, 2008 05:24 PM

Need Reasonably Priced Wedding Cake Near Pasadena

I'm on a budget, need a cake for over a hundred people, and can't believe how expensive these things have gotten! Any suggestions? Thanks

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  1. Speaking for budget minded only: Vons or Federicos.

    1. Van's Bakery (on Valley Blvd., between Rosemead and Walnut Grove)

      Or you can go the Costco route.

      1. Ruby's Bakery in Eagle Rock. They are known for their strawberry whipped cream cakes and everyone LOVES them! They are nice and inexpensive, too! Cash only.
        (323) 259-9052
        5042 Eagle Rock Bl.
        LA, Ca 90041
        1 block south of Colorado Bl.
        Open 7 days/week: M-Sat 9-7; Sun 9-5

        1. At our wedding at the Pacific Asia Museum, we ordered our wedding cake for a hundred people from Maxim's in Alhambra. They were extremely affordable, about $2.50 pp, and best of all, beautifully presented and delicious. It's a tiny shop--the store pastries aren't much good, but their ordered cakes are terrific. Good luck!

          1. Jodie,

            Contact The Bees Knees Bakery. They are on Colorado Blvd. in Pasadena. They have wonderful flavors and the cakes are beautiful and simple. I am not sure what they charge for them but if the price is right, you'll get a fantastic cake.

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              bee's knees closed down sometime ago. i would do proto's in glendale. it's fairly inexpensive.

              1. re: trolley

                You mean Porto's? :-) I totally agree. Too bad about The Bees Knees!