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Mar 15, 2008 05:22 PM

I know I am a food snob...

but why I am I so consistently underwhelmed with most of the "top spots" in and around town. Service most times is average at inconsistent..attitude and unearned arrogance..prices out of wonder I stay home and cook. I just don't want to become a foodie recluse!! I am interested to know what your thoughts are as to the top 5-10 most overated/overpriced restaurants in and around town. I want to make sure it is not me becoming old and jaded. Ok, I'll start: Radius, All "Steak" Houses, Davios, Prezza, 95% of all N. End Restaurants,

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I agree that none of the restaurants you listed are worth the time or money, with the exception of Prezza. I do think it's overpriced, I don't think the atmosphere or service are anything special, but I've had divine food there. It could simply be that I'm ordering the things they do best, and that some of the menu isn't very good. Chowhound is so valuable because it doesn't focus on the "top spots" or "hot spots," but on what folks think are the best spots, along with tips (both foodwise and otherwise) about how to avoid having a disappointing experience.

        Consistency is a problem since restaurants depend on the vagaries of humans and nature, so even L'Espalier can be a disappointment if you don't hit it right. I look at dining out the way I look at going to a movie. I say I like movies even though I only like about 5% of those I see. (That coincides with your "95% of all N. End restaurants" being overrated.) What I really like is seeing or trying movies because I know there's a chance I'll see something incredible which I would have been willing to pay 10 times the ticket price for, had I known I'd like it so much. The fact that it costs the same to see There Will Be Blood as it does to see College Road Trip seems ridiculous. Paying the same for dinner at Prezza and Davio's also seems ridiculous, but you don't know this until you've done some research and, if it's still in the running, tried it yourself.

        I read movie reviews by critics I trust so when I do go, it's not such a big crapshoot. But it's still a moderate crapshoot. I read chowhound for the same reason. I do more research before trying an upscale restaurant because I don't have the money to try them all myself. Even when I'm disappointed by a dining experience, I'm not sorry I tried the place because I find it interesting, and at least my curiosity is sated.

        1. Folks, while we welcome your comments that help lead people towards great chow in Boston (or away from bad chow!), we've had to remove some off topic comments from this discussion. Please keep the discussion here focused on specific local chow and not generalizations about the chow scene or people's individual perceptions on the overall scene. Thanks.

          1. The original comment has been removed