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Mar 15, 2008 05:20 PM

Dice thai restaurant in park Slope-

Anyone have the #? I lost the menu and can't find it on the net- Thx

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  1. Um, are you talking about RICE Thai Kitchen on 7th?

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    1. re: bebevonbernstein

      No, I saw a new place called Dice on 9th ave around 17th, which makes it Windsor Terrace I think. Sorry, don't have the phone number if that's the place you're looking for.

    2. dice thai 7183692472 or

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      1. re: silvermoon9999

        We ordered "delivery" from there last night for the first time. After an hour we called to check our order's status and the staff told us it was on the way, although it was not. Several phone calls later and nearly an hour and a half after we placed our order we had to go get the food ourselves. When we arrived is still hadn't been cooked.

        Not the best way to attract repeat business.

        1. re: MRich

          Sushi Yama (right next door to Dice on PPW) has expanded to a panAsian menu including standard Thai dishes. like their sushi, the additional options are solidly above average and a definite step up from Dice.

      2. Pretty substandard food here imho.