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Mar 15, 2008 05:14 PM

Rec please: Monday night dinner CBD or FQ with 2 teens

My sister, BIL, husband, and 2 kids will be in NO for 3 nights. We need a recommendation for Monday night and preferring a classic Creole moderately priced, i.e under $25 for entrees. Its been years since either of our families frequented NOLA, but used to enjoy Bon Ton, Mr. B's and some of the other classics. Other nights there, we're hitting Cochon and Cafe Degas.

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  1. We were in NOLA in January and had a fabulous meal at Herbsaint. It is newer than the others, and the chef-owners (Susan Spicer and Donald Link) have both won James Beard awards. Great food, full bar and comfortable simple place. A true gem. It was an easy walk from the Loews, and not far from the FQ either.

    1. You can still enjoy Bon Ton....