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Mar 15, 2008 05:11 PM

Breakfast/Brunch in Union Square, SF

Does anyone have any good suggestions for Breakfast/Brunch in the Union Square area of SF? There is four of us and we will be in the area around 10am Sunday.



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  1. Dottie's on Jones is by far the best option, but at 10 on Sunday you'll be waiting a good little while.

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    1. re: Deeg67

      Agreed, Dottie's is the best. If you can send someone down a half-hour to forty-five minutes before the rest of the party arrives, so much the better...

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        Given the expected wait at Dottie's, might be just as fast to catch Muni Metro to Towns End Bakery. At 10 am on Sunday w/no baseball game I can usually get right in.

      2. I disagree that Dottie's is "by far the best option." That title belong to Canteen, without quesiton, in my mind. Canteen is possibly the best brunch in the City, and it just happens to be near Union Square.

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          Slapping my head -- yes, I don't know why I keep forgetting about Canteen for breakfast!

          Thanks, Foodie!

        2. Here's the link...

          817 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

          1. The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus is an interesting option...underneath a great stain glass dome overlooking Union is somewhat elegant...very San Fran...AND they serve POPOVERS and flavored butter....
            here's a link...


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            1. re: ChowFun_derek

              ...yeah, but the OP stated that they will be "in the area" at 10am on Sunday. But The Rotunda doesn't open until noon on Sunday. So likely not an option.

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                Check out this thread (you have to scroll down a bit) for thoughts on Cafe Bean:


            2. Thanks everyone. We eventually went to Zazie ... was a little bit of a tight fit, but the food was pretty good. We are trying STACKS tomorrow...

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                Please do tell... haven't heard anything about Stacks. Where? What? When?

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                  Stack's thinks of itself as an "upscale Denny's" but the experience is far more like Denny's then they are aiming for. I'd avoid it -- there are probably 50 better options for brunch in the City.

                  See some reviews at

                  1. re: foodiesf

                    Thanks, foodiesf. I couldn't find any reviews of it on CH and didn't actually Google it. Doesn't sound like my kind of place. Will stick to the recs I have harvested from CH such as Canteen, Cafe Bean and Cafe Mason...maybe Cafe Andree.

                  2. re: jwax77

                    What did you order? What would you recommend?