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Mar 15, 2008 04:37 PM

Maple Tree for Breakfast? (Las Vegas)

Any of you hounds enjoyed this place for breakfast? Its on Spring Mountain about a block south of Jones, in the same strip mall as KJs kitchen and the Mediterranean Market..both places I have previously reported on.

I went there for lunch the other day and had an excellent bowl of homemade navy bean and ham soup. But they specialize in their own 100% maple syrup and things that the syrup is good it seems like a place for breakfast. Any of you hounds tried it? I might just have to go there one day before work.....

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  1. personally, i'm a fan ...SO loves the crab cake benedict... i like the maple bread ( i think that's what it's called's a mini-loaf ...not too heavy in maple taste ) ..they have maple ham , maple.... ( sounds like forrest gump with the shrimp !! ) ...the westside has a handful of bk joints - besides maple tree, you got black bear diner, the hash house, hash house a go-go, original pancake house, the omelet house, blueberry hill, there's a 50's style diner that opened recently on jones many choices ( not to mention dim sum for the "chinese" bk ) many places ....

    happy eating

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    1. re: kjs

      Well, I'm not a fan of black bear diner...just bad experiences with the Reno version. But I have to admit I've driven past Blueberry Hill a number of times and been intrigued...can you tell me more, kjs?

      1. re: janetofreno

        not much to say ...i think it's a cut above denny's ....same goes for omelet house .... places like maple tree and hash house, local , homey-kind of places that you hope will succeed ( and to be honest, my 1st experience with hash house was uneventful but several recent positive reviews means i must try again ( i'm hoping to do so in the next few days ) - black bear has that local hang-out feel to it but i'm trying to cut back on the large portion spots like black bear and hash house a go-go.( the exception to that rule ...the peppermill ! )

        i still haven't tried jamm's ... my sense it will be comparable to maple tree's on the list ( the ever growing list !! )

        happy eating !

        1. re: janetofreno

          I'm not that fond of Blueberry Hill. I'd say it's better than Denny's, not as good as Original Pancake House(s). Unless it has changed, the syrup is substandard. It's main attraction is that you can order breakfast any time.

          1. re: Dave Feldman

            I'm with you, Dave. Blueberry Hill is 24/7, and if you get a good waitress after midnite, your lucky! (i've had good luck with the one on E. Flamingo, the ladies there have done a fantastic job..It's hard to be happy and perky at 2am, and they manage to do it!) The pancake batter is made from scratch, and therefore MUCH better than a big chain's stuff, ala Denny's and IHOP. Their syrup is crummy. Origional Pancake House's overall quality is higher in food and service, but as far as I know...they aren't 24/7 like BH.

            Maple Tree, hmm?? I saw their website, and really want to try it out, as i'm addicted to maple ANYTHING. Getting over to that side of town can be a real challenge on my weekends, especially early AM. (I work nights!) I must make it over, espically if the maple products are worth it!

            1. re: Honeychan

              On our recently concluded trip we dined at the first, but the last , time at the Maple Tree. Though physically situated in a non-descript shopping center, the restaurant provides a touch of New England charm to the local area. my wife ordered the French toast stuffed with strawberry cream cheese and topped with fresh strawberries. She rated it second only to Bouchon’s, but at half the price. I was initially hesitant to order the New England Benny, but was I ever rewarded for my courage. The New England Benny is 2 crab cakes served on English muffin halves topped with 2 poached eggs and covered with Hollandaise sauce. This proved to be an amazing combination of flavors that I would love to duplicate at home. For the frugal few on this board, a 1/2 off second menu item coupon is currently running the RJ.

              1. re: westie

                Westie, I think you are missing a "not" in the first sentence. You might want to edit it if you can. I must have gone on a bad day, but my one time at Maple Tree, we were a little underwhelmed.

                1. re: Dave Feldman

                  Dave - right. The first sentence should read "On our recently concluded trip we dined at the first, but the last , time at the Maple Tree".

                  1. re: westie

                    One more time. "On our recently concluded trip we dined for the first, but the not the last, time at Maple Tree.

      2. The Maple Tree is the best breakfast in town. Their home fried potatoes are fantastic. Everything is good there. It is just a breakfast and lunch place. Blueberry Hell, oops Hill is just ok. I do like their lunch specials though. The hash browns there are awful, worse than Denny's if that is possible. Hash House, bleh, IMHO