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Mar 15, 2008 04:34 PM

Near Valley of Fire?

OK, DH says he wants to go there tomorrow, bad weather or no. It might not be great picnic weather, so any good lunch/breakfast stops on the way? I haven't had any response on my brunch request yet; might do this instead. We'll be heading from Northwest Las Vegas straight out that way.....any ideas??

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  1. there isn't much out there, as hubby I discovered when we headed in the same direction with same purpose in mind a few weeks ago....but there is one option, and it isn't as bad as you might suppose: look for the exit with the big racetrack (NASCAR I think and huge) a few miles past town: there is a big truck stop on your right just as you exit the freeway, which has, in addition to gas pumps, a store and restaurant. Sorry, can't remember the name of the place, and it might be a chain: something like Country Kitchen. Anyway, they have a breakfast buffet there, served until fairly late in the am, and it is of surprising quality for the cost (about $7, AYCE) and location, especially given that there really isn't much else out there. I remember the scrambled eggs tasting freshly made and being nicely cooked and fluffy, the fruit being fresh and tasty, and there were lots of choices, including some items one wouldn't think of as being 'breakfasty' (salad bar, and a macaroni and beef dish). They also have egg dishes and other standard breakfast items to order from the menu. Service was very friendly and efficient. Truck stop ambiance. The store is mostly touristy schlock and things truckers need; don't count on it to purchse picnic supplies if you go that route.

    Mind you, I wouldn't go way out of my way to eat there...but if you don't eat before you leave Vegas, it may well be your best bet. However, if there is a big race, I am sure it gets crowded.

    At Valley of Fire I don't recall anything other than perhaps a few snack items in the gift shop.

    1. This is not exactly the best day for the jaunt (although it may clear this afternoon), but one suggestion would be to take the full loop, and drive back along Lake Mead, which would then position you for some possibilities at Lake Las Vegas for a late brunch. And it is also easy to hit I-215 to make your way home from there.

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        That would probably only work if you got an early start and didn't do any hiking, just treated it as a scenic drive, unless by late brunch you mean two or three in the afternoon.... :-)

        though I suppose you could do a reverse loop...