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Mar 15, 2008 04:33 PM

Romantic place in Burlington, VT

Hey everyone, I am enjoying all the advise here, but most of the burlington threads were old.

I am looking for a place to take my girlfriend. I see her once every 3 months (long distance sucks) so I want to thank her for putting up with it all. Price is not an object (i know that sounds snooty, but i saved all the money I would spend through the months onto one night). I am looking for a nice place (Italian preferred and La Amante is closed when i will be there (in april)) that we can have a little privacy and maybe do some dancing near by (real dancing not bar dancing). Any advice would be great.


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  1. If Italian food is preferred, your choice should be Trattoria Delia.

    Frankly, I believe it is a much better choice in every way than L'Amante, and I'm not disparaging L'Amante in any way when I say that.

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      Agree with above. For romantic Italian, there is only one option in Burlington, Trattoria Delia. Make a reservation and ask for a quiet table for two.

      1. re: TonyO

        I triple that one. We had our last anniversary dinner there, it was phenomenal. :)

    2. Fourth that, for romance it's it in Burlington. Ask for the table for 2 to the left of the fireplace, away from the door. As for dancing there is no place I know of that isn't "bar dancing" but maybe others know better.

      What I wouldn't give for a new restaurant to send people to... sigh.