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Mar 15, 2008 04:20 PM

Best Delivery In Chinatown

I was taking a stroll through Chinatown today and saw lots of interesting restaurants; some good interesting and some questionably interesting... ;) Although I have lived downtown for 5 years I have never ordered delivery from Chinatown. I don't know which ones are the best or most well known. I'd love some recommendations for places with traditional Chinese food. Thanks. (Listing restaurants that are not recommended would probably be helpful too.)

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  1. I believe that restaurants in chiantown don't deliver. I have often taken out, ordering from the cashier. (I only speak English, and don't know if the phone/pickup would work.)

    1. Some restaurants in Chinatown absolutely deliver:

      and I can tell you from personal experience that English is spoken at Congee, Goodies, Penang, Overseas Asian and Bagus Malaysian, and doubtless many more. But whether a restaurant will deliver to you depends on where you live, so you'll need to call around. You might want to search this board for info on one of the restaurants that's relatively near you.

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        Although a lot of restaurants said that they deliver, they are only limited to a few blocks, mostly deliver within Chinatown. So depending on where the OP lives, the number of restaurants that deliver to his/her place may vary substantially.

        I know Singapore Cafe, Doyers, Goodies do deliver all the way to Financial District. Congee delivers if you order a lot, and has an additional delivery charge.

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            According to Seamless web, they will deliver to my apt which is half a mile away from me.