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Mar 15, 2008 04:19 PM

help with mushrooms...

I happen to love mushrooms but mainly saute with other veggies and usually w/ garlic. I'd like to find some interesting ways to make them as well as other spices to enhance the flavor. Any ideas? thanks...

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  1. Al cartoccio. (En papillote).

    Whip up some room temperature butter with sake, minced ginger and salt. Seal them up in parchment paper with some diced sweet potato (I like to use Hawaiian purple sweet potatoes if I can get 'em) and a generous amount of the butter and roast the package in the oven at about 450 for 20 minutes.

    Works best with wild mushrooms or farmed "wild" mushroom varieties.

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      As Dmnkly implied, appropriate recipes kind of depend upon which type of mushroom. For creminis, I don't know if there is anything sweeter than a simple mushroom and havarti cheese omelet (eggs, mushrooms, butter, cheese, and salt). If havarti isn't your thing, try swiss.

      For fresh morels, then just sauteed with butter and a bit of minced garlic. If I'm lucky enough to get my fill of them that way, then dipped in tempura batter and fried. And big portabellas, sliced into strips and tempura fried, then served with homemade sauce, are addictive.

      For chantrelles or porcini, well, let me count the ways....risotto; mushroom soup; one layer in a potato/mushrom gratin...


    2. Try Mushroom Soup or Mushroom Pasta. There are lots of good recipes.

      1. Mushrooms go great with thyme and sherry, too...a light saute of the mushrooms in butter with the thyme and sherry added is wonderful...I've also noticed mushroom ragus being quite popular nowadays...there's a very popular recipe at epicurious for mushroom ragu over polenta, I think--you might check that out though I've not tried it...we like sauteed mushrooms over baked potatoes for a non-meat entree, with a leafy green salad or some kind of spinach on the side.

        1. Silver Palate has a fabulous recipe for mushroom soup combining button and wild. It is even freezable.

          1. Saute with butter and finish with brandy and cream, add to a finished rissotto.

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              Great ideas everyone.. keep em coming! Thank You :)