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Apr 13, 2002 08:08 PM

Cambodian in Long Beach

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My wife tells me she heard a food writer raving about a Cambodian restaurant in Long Beach on KCRW today.

She didn't get the name. Does anyone have the details on this place and, of course, their own opinion?

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  1. Bob, I almost had a review of this place for you. One night in December, after I had moved to Long Beach, I headed out to Anaheim St. where the "Little Phnom Penh" of shops and restaurants is, and came across the place you mention, Hak Heang, at 2041 E. Anaheim. It's a big room, with a stage on the north end featuring weekend entertainers. The menu was pretty extensive, and you would have to take care to separate the therwise familiar Chinese offerings from the genuinely Cambodian dishes. I was thwarted when I was told they didn't take credit cards, as I was momentarily cashless. I left to go to the nearest ATM, but was distracted en route by another find, Siem Reap, down the road at 1810 Anaheim. Rather than continue on my original mission, I stopped to sample their wares instead. I wrote up a favorable review of that visit, linked below.

    Regrettably, I haven't made it back to Hak Heang, much to my detriment, and will remedy that shortcoming soon.