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Mar 15, 2008 03:03 PM

Broke my Le Creuset lid right out of the box!

Argh. My first Le Creuset baking dish arrived from Amazon, and as I was pulling the dish out of the box (which was packed upside down, for the record), it snagged on the lid that I didn't realize was under there and knocked the lid knob right off. Any advice on what to do now?

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  1. From what I understand, they warranty their lids for life. Not that I would encourage fraud, but I would just tell them when you took it out of the box the knob was broken.

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    1. re: swf36d

      I'd encourage telling them (honestly) what happened, either by phone or in writing. LC's known for it's customer-friendly replacement policy.

    2. Is this the enameled cast iron or their ceramic line? Ceramic, you are probably SOOL but they might sell you another. Enameled cast iron that broke they will probably replace. That would be very unusual, though cast iron will break if you drop it. Cast iron does tend to have air pockets that can make it vulnerable to breaking.

      1. Sounds similar to the problem my parents had with their cast iron wok (knob on lid came off) In their case, LC covered it under their warranty.

        1. It's ceramic. I sent a note to customer service through the web site, so we'll see what (if anything) comes of it.

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            FWIW - I broke the lid to my dutch oven, called their customer service number (took a couple of tries to get through) and they sent me a new one, no charge, even though it was my fault. Not sure about a warranty on the ceramic though.

          2. I just heard back from their customer service department. They're sending me a new one for free!! This will definitely influence future purchases for me. Thanks for everyone's advice!