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Mar 15, 2008 02:57 PM

Restaurant week sucks! [moved from Boston board]

Hoping to provoke a little discussion here. I've found that RW can really mess with things, rendering some of my favorite standby places overly crowded and compromised with a lousy menu and overextended service. What's the point of bringing people out of the woodwork to eat at your restaurant if they have a bad and unrepresentative experience? Is there a good side to RW?

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    1. Agreed. It's a lousy week to dine out, even if you order off the regular menu.

      1. No .. there is not a good side to RW.

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          This will be my first try at RW and I am getting kind of worried after reading so many negative posts. Seems a lot of places give you cheap ingredients in smaller than normal portions with unfriendly service--but as long as the menu is in French or Italian the dumb public is expected to lap it up. With some notable exceptions! We are having lunch at Sel de la Terre, we should be OK since they have a prix fixe menu that is only slightly more than the RW menu. Yeah, what IS the point?

        2. What do you mean theres no good side? You get to dine on a healthy plate of either very cheap ingredients, or just a very small amount of them, sometimes slapped together because restaurants are two or three times busier than they typically are. Plus it makes restaurants kick into "turn em and burn em" mode to get the 80 people standing at the bar seated and service is usually hurried. Instead of 50 covers on a Monday, they do 300, and make just a little bit more money (for the higher end places at least) because they have to have more staff, more overtime, and the checks are way lower. Yes please kill restaurant week it is LAME.

          1. Restaurant week can work only in this way...For those that do not dine at the top end highly-priced week allows you to check out these places..if you go to mediocre, low to med. priced places..what's the point?

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              But what is the point of going to a high end place, if your not going to get their 'real' atmopshere and experience? If you don't make enough money (like me) to go out to eat at high end places, then when you do get to go it is a memorable trip and you get the whole package, food, service, ambiance. During restaurant week you get something totally different and I think it hurts places when someone goes in expecting something way more and get a toned down version of the place. If you go to a restaurant that typically has 40 dollar entrees or a 100 dollar tasting and you are getting a 35 dollar three course meal, and then feel like it was just OK then that defeats the whole point of RW, because many people leaving feeling underwhelmed and likely won't go back and try it at full price.