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Mar 15, 2008 01:45 PM

Anniversary Dinner suggestions?

Hey everyone,

My first year wedding anniversary is on April 28th. We are going out to a nice dinner on April 25th to celebrate. We don't usually get a chance to go out for fine dining and we are looking for excellent food, romantic environment, and good service. We are not against someplace with a "scene" as long as we can hear each other speak. We really love Italian (we went to Italy for our honeymoon, so to commemorate that we are leaning towards Italian) and we're thinking about either Angelini Osteria or Mozza. I've also really wanted to go to Lucques for awhile now. What are your thoughts on these options?

Also, has anyone been to Foxtail yet? There is nothing on the boards about it and I noticed that Antonia (the executive chef there) is on the new Top Chef and seemed to be really excellent on the first episode.

We are up for further suggestions beyond these! Thanks for your input and I'll report back with our decision! :)

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  1. As much as I love both Angelini Osteria and Mozza, neither is what I would consider romantic and both can get rather loud. For your purposes, I would propose any of the following Italian restaurants: All'Angelo, La Botte, La Terza (Angelini's other restaurant), Valentino's or Vincenti. Of these five, the two I like best for food are All'Angelo and Vincente; for romantic environment, though, the nod would have to go to La Botte and Valentino's. Lucques is wonderful, too (the hot chocolate alone is worth the visit), but not really Italian (which seemed to be of some importance to you) but rather Cal-Med. Happy Anniversary!

    1. For Italian, I ditto All' Angelo and La Terza.

      I know this is not Italian -- but my BF and I celebrated our 3 year anniversay last night at Ortolan and it was fantastic! Very romantic and definitely a special occasion place.

      1. For Italian, do either All' Angelo or Valentino.

        1. Good recs already for Italian, though for food I like Via Veneto, but I fear it may be a little too loud for anniversary. I don't really find Vincenti very intimate either, though the food is good. I agree re La Terza and All'Angelo (esp if you're interested in pasta). And although others may disagree, Peppone has a great feel of intimacy in their boothes... though maybe not for you if you don't get out often and want to try somewhere new or at least a reliable fave.

          I've always found The Little Door very romantic.

          For French, Melisse and La Cachette are nice, though I'd say La Cachette is not a young, hip environment if that's what you're seeking.

          1. We are going to Grace to celebrate our 10th, and on April 25th too, which is our actual anniversary day. We actually went there for the first time during LA restaurant week and really loved it.
            I agree that Mozza isn't exactly an anniversary place. It is noisy.