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Mar 15, 2008 01:22 PM

Brunch (jazz?) for 12+ Boston/Metrowest

So we are finally getting around to celebrating my mother in law's 70th Birthday. She wants to have a brunch and asked her friends and came up with Terry's Diner in Framingham, East Coast Grill & the Living Room. (I think she just asked her friends-the choices seem odd.) I don't think East Coast is a great fit, and if we are going into Cambridge we could do the Blue Room, but I think it is hard to set up a large table there and still talk to people. She's a jazz singer, so it would be nice to have a jazz brunch, so I guess Ryles is a possibility, but I've never had their brunch. We located in Stow, sort of north/west, so places out here would be possible. J's at Nashoba winery has a great brunch and right next door. We can get a private room, although a little pricey. So here is my want/ need list. I'm really out of touch with the brunch scene (having 2 preschoolers and all...)

-Can seat 12+ easily and still hold a conversation (reservations our must, no standing in line)
-Jazz music would be nice, but hat might give problems to the conversation thing
-Not too pricey, we can't afford to pay for everyone & would like it to be less than$20 (yes, know the blue room is more.)
-Metrowest would be good, or parking if in town for the suburbanites
-Need to at least be able to get a Mimosa
-Would be nice to bring the grandkids (1 1/2 and 5)
-Oh yeah, decent food!

I'm really coming up empty here, hope you all can help!

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  1. This could fir the bill for you and most requirements.

    1. Tryst in arlington popped up in my head when i first saw your post and I think it fits the bill. Pretty large space, could easily accomodate 12 people and kids. Full Bar. Jazz band playing. Decent (not spectacular) brunch. Parking fairly easy and not to crowded on my last visit. Should be around your price range too.

      1. Haven't been, but Shanahan's Jazzwine Bar&Grill has a brunch. They are on Daniel Webster Hwy at the Nashua/Tyngsboro line.

        1. Skip Jack's in Copley Square has a jazz brunch. Bo Winnekar jazz band is a classic. Food is average to above average brunch fare and they take rezzies and there is paid parking on site.

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            I think Beehive does brunch now, have not been. don't know.
            Lucky's does a Sinatra Brunch, very reasonable, quiet on sundays(not crowded) good food. and in the lounge you can have it private. the stairs and location may be an issue.

            Noise may be the biggest issue

          2. Acton Jazz Cafe does a Sunday Jazz Brunch currently, I believe. Route 2A in Acton.