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Mar 15, 2008 01:05 PM

Tired of Careless Kitchens

Maybe I'm just getting crankier, but how hard is it to just do the basics in run-of-the-mill restaurants?

At the Pear Tree last night, my beer was warm, the two baby carrots, one spear of broccoli and one floret of cauliflower that came with my steak were cold in the middle. And the baked potato came with nothing - absolutely plain - no offer of butter, sour cream. I got sour cream after asking.

Today, at Mitzi's Sister, I get a club with the top and middle slice of bread toasted and the bottom untoasted. I don't mean really lightly toasted, I mean never-went-near the toaster.

Byzantium: a couple of weeks ago, the tempura batter on the vegetables was gooey inside.

I'm certainly not expecting greatness from any of these kitchens and I'm really not particularly fussy, but it seems like everywhere I go, food is shoved out of the kitchen with little attention to producing a decent effort.

I've had to eat out a lot the past three months because of repairs I'm having done in my kitchen and maybe it's just the law of averages, but I don't seem to be doing too well.

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  1. I'm just visiting Toronto so can't speak for restos here. However, I travel a great deal all over the world and this seems to happen everywhere, some sort of global phenomenon, even in the best restos. Only exception I have found is in Malaysia, where food is still made with integrity. But then foodies there are really really hardcore, people think nothing of eating 6-8 meals/snacks a day.
    Good luck - the law of averages may still be working for you!

    1. I hear you. This weekend we went to a good restuarant which is much lauded on this board. Everything was good except the appetizer which had so much salt it was pretty much inedible. And I love salt, there is rarely anything I don't want extra salt on. It would have taken one chef in the several steps of making this dish just to taste a tiny bit to have realized.

      1. My wife and i dined here in kingston at Megalo's ...just a salad i ordered a caesar - decent -real bacon ..but $8.99 for a lunch salad . My wife ordered a garden salad... it came and the greens and tomatoes were frozen .. black and yucky ... sloppy service and kitchen shame on on them serving that .. we didn't pay for her salad ( it wasn't eaten ) ... but no appliogies either ... if you serve messed up salad ... what else are you getting wrong ... it is hard to find decent food and service is even harder to find ... it is a joy when you get both only a few stellar places in town .. and a few mom and pops'