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Mar 15, 2008 12:45 PM

Good food in La Paz and surrounding area?

We will be honeymooning in La Paz at the end of April. What is good? From searching the boards, Las Tres Virgenes seems to be most frequently mentioned. What else? Tacos (carnitas, al pastor, carne asada, various kinds of fish) and beer are one of our favorite meals at home. Thanks in advance!

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  1. In addition to Las Tres Virgenes: Restaurant Bermejo in Hotel Los Arcos was the "nicest" restaurant we found and had very good food. The view of the maelcon at sunset is great and even better from the second floor bar (for drinks after dinner). Another good option is the family-owned Bismark II, specializing in seafood, fish tacos, and chiles rellenos.

    1. We spent some time in La Paz in 2005/2006; here's a link to my blog food report (sorry for the link--I'm typing one-handed). In summary, La Fuente (ice cream), arrachera tacos or pozole at Rancho Viejo, and fish tacos from the "elaborate" taco stand mentioned are the big recs. I think the asada stand I mention as being my favorite is no longer there sadly. The market is fun too; food there is usually quite good and filling but not standout great.


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        Thanks for the link to your blog. Lots of good information!

      2. Yes, Tres Virgenes is hands-down the best in southern Baja. Be sure you go to the Bismark on the malecon and have smoked marlin tacos. (Not the Bismark in the center of town.) Another very good restaurant is Milano's - about one block up from the Malecon just off 16 de septiembre. Let me know if you are planning a day trip to Todos Santos and I will give you more suggestons. I live here in TS. Be prepared for hot weather in la paz. It will still be cool in Todos Santos in April.

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          Thanks for the suggestions so far. We will probably go to Todos Santos for at least one day, possibly overnight, so I would love suggestions, particularly for informal places/street food.

        2. If you are interested in trying Mexican wines from northern Baja the best selection are Buffalo B.B.Q wich serves great steak and Tanino that serves mexican tapas . My experience in Las tres Virgenes was very far away from being the best food in southern Baja ; but then again maybe I should give it another try . Moyeyo very low key for great agua chile , almeja reina and almeja chocolata. Biskmarcito great smoked marlin tacos clam tacos . SeƱor Camaron sells local shrimp by the kilo either fried or boiled both excelent , with Pacifico Ballenas no tourist.
          In Todos Santos there is a place called Santa Fe Cafe that serves fantastic Italian food.

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            Yes, Santa Fe is vey good but muy caro - very expensive. Right next door is the Sanfa Fe Deli for less expensive and equally good breakfast and lunch. Best informal/semi-street food IMO is El Zaguan. Right on the main street a few doors down from the book store. All seafood and consistently good. Local favorite taco stands are Barajas Tacos - a couple of blocks up from the Pemex station on the same side, and the taco stand right across the street from the book store - on Juarez. Great ice cream at La Paloma on Militar. Good but expensive lattes etc. at Cafe Todos Santos. Also terrific lunches, breakfast, coffees at La Esquina in Otro Lado. If you stay overnight on a Wed. Thurs. or Friday a huge treat is to go to la Copa and experience some of local artist Michael Cope's fabulous tapas. Stay away from Los Adobes. If you have a craving for pizza and are here in the evening Buena Vida is good and also Il Giardino for pizza -- lunch or dinner. Stop at the book store when you get into town and pick up El Calendario. Don't come on a Sunday - many places closed. Let me know if I can offer any other help/suggestions.

            And the above writer is right on about Bismark for smoked marlin tacos --THE best anywhere!!! You can also go to to see what is going on locally - published three times a week. Full disclosure - I am the editor.

          2. Just got home from La Paz and didn't eat a single meal that wasn't good! Highlights: Rancho Viejo - their "special" guacamole was some of the best guacamole I've had, the arrachera (skirt steak) tacos were phenomenal, and the fish and shrimp tacos were really good too, with a very different (much lighter) batter than at any of the other places we tried. Bismark on the Malecon was good - smoked marlin tacos were great and we enjoyed the shrimp cocktail, too. Super Tacos de Baja California Hermanos Gonzalez, the taco stand across the street from Mas (about three or four blocks inland from the Malecon), had out-of-this-world shrimp, fish, and scallop tacos, although it was very busy so we ate standing up. The straight-from-the-shell chocolata clams at Mariscos El Carrito were great with a squeeze of lime and some salsa, although the rest of the food there was just fine, not spectacular. Ice cream at La Fuente was a nightly treat - the best flavors we tried were the coconut and the lime sorbet. The only thing we tried there that we didn't like at all was the mango ice cream. The food in La Paz did not disappoint!