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Mar 15, 2008 12:16 PM

Mexican in NYC? Any grocery store recs?

What neighborhood in what borough has the largest concentration of Mexican grocery stores & restaurants in the city?

What grocery store do you recommend?


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  1. Here in the forgotten borough that would be Port Richmond Ave... Montealban is the best I guess.

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    1. Sunset Park has quite a few grocery stores. Don Paco Lopez at 4th Ave. and 47th St was recommended to me. I did some exploring and found a few: Guerrero Food Center, 23rd and 5th. Pueblo Min-Market on 39th St & 5th. My trip up 5th Avenue ended there.

      1. The largest population of South Americans in the boroughs is in Corona Queens. With all those cocinas for blocks and blocks. There has to be a decent grocery store around there.