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Mar 15, 2008 12:14 PM

Cajun Corner Leaving Leslieville

There's a large sign on Cajun Corner's window announcing that they are leaving Leslieville for Leaside. They are moving to the Laird/Eglinton area and will be introducing all of the frills: liquor license, jazz brunches, etc. No idea whether prices will jump with the move, but it seems likely.

Good for Cajun Corner, but a bummer for Queen E. I'll miss them

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  1. How disappointing - I love that place and it's right in my neighbourhood.

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    1. re: SusanB

      Same here. I try to stop by for lunch at least once a week. It will be sadly missed!

    2. Laisse les bonnes temps roulent! Expansion could mean more of their amazing food!

      1. Here's the new address:

        Is Moving!


        214 Laird Drive

        (2 blocks south of Eglinton Ave.)

        Grand Opening April 5th,

        Now fully licensed with an expanded menu

        and Sunday Jazz Brunch

        Loved the place on Queen, but they are still not too far away.

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        1. re: Jay98

          Is it closed now, or just advertising the move? Thanks

          1. re: deelicious

            As of yesterday, just advertising the move.

            1. re: embee

              OK thanks. It was a fun place to take people because of its quirkiness...will miss that.

              1. re: deelicious

                Just wanted to let you know that they were open yesterday, but forgot to ask when they will actually close the Queen location.

        2. Thanks, embee, for the chow news! I've been wanting to try Cajun Corner's fried chicken for ages now, but never made it in (my bad). Their new location is much closer to me and I'm really excited about checking them out when they open.

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          1. re: TorontoJo

            I'm also happy they are opening a proper restaurant. Hope they are open for weekday lunch as I work near there.

            1. re: julesrules

              I've been meaning to try this place. While it's still conveniently located (for me at least), what should I try if I'm going to eat maybe three meals there.

          2. So sad, I love that place. But wonderful to see a great business grow and I'll certainly drive up to Laird.

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            1. re: Mila

              I understand they plan a full service restuarant for Laird but will keep the Queen store open for a while.

              1. re: gothlig

                I hope you are right, but that's not what someone working there told me. I know they had bought the building and were living upstairs.

                I also wonder whether they might be selling the place. I heard a rumour (not yet confirmed) that Karen was running a B&B in Louisiana. I'll chase this down if someone doesn't beat me to it.

                While I do hope their new place is a great success, they have been an invaluable resource in this area. A full service restaurant is a very different life from what they've been doing (which was a pretty laid back life for the foodservice business).

                1. re: embee

                  Well, she SORT OF is. I actually just stayed at their house in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago, but they weren't down there, so it was much more of a "renting your vacation house when you're not using it" kind of deal than a true B&B. If they're there, it's more of a full-service operation, I think, with a cocktail hour instead of a big breakfast, jazz outings, etc. They also seem to have taken it off of their website, so I'm not sure if they intend to keep that up, or possibly only run it as such when they're in town. Regardless, it was a very homey place to stay if you're like me and enjoy having kitchen privileges when you're out of town.
                  And since everything says that they're "moving," not "opening a second location," I'd guess the Queen location's days are numbered. Which makes me incredibly sad because the new location is closer to my house, but harder to get to on my way home from work when I need a fix. So I may have to put some serious thought into how much I'm willing to drag out my evening commute to get catfish.