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Where to take a newly fallen vegetarian - b'more

I just fell completely off the vegetarian wagon (although, truthfully, I ate fish for years) but have just recently rediscovered red meat (long story!), So, the question for the group is where should I go now to exploit this? Clearly, there are steak houses, but that seems a little obvious (besides probably being out of my price range!). Any suggestions for a resturant that really shines in their preparation of meat dishes? Particularly scrumptious dishes somewhere that I would have never looked at before? I'm open to anything from a great hamburger (haven't had one in 16 years) to beef tartare. . .

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  1. I'd say try La Cazuela in Fells for Ecudoran food. Most of the menu is beef and its good.

    La Cazuela Restaurant
    1718 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231

    1. Well, what better way to re-enter the world of eating meat than a rare pit beef sandwich? I'd recommend Chap's on Pulaski Hwy. Get the fries, too!

      1. Ditto Chaps and Dizzy Issies for burgers.

        Both places are excellent.

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        1. Wow, what terrific recomendations - The only one I have not been to so far is Dizzy Issies and the others seem like great recomendations! How about an Indian restaurant with meats like lamb, chicken and beef dishes in sauces and stews? If you're not familiar with Indian food you could always go during lunch hours when many Indian restaurants have buffets where you can try a little bit of many different dishes. Many of these buffets will run in the $8-$15 person range depending on the day of the week (usually weekends are more expensive). My favorite Indian places right now are Kitchen of India and Mt Everest, but there are many other good ones mentioned frequently on this forum like Cafe Spice and the Ambassador Dining Room which is an upscale Indian restaurant. Here is a link to a recent Indian buffet discussion:
          At the risk of being a sell out for recomending a chain, how about Five Guys? They have big juicy hamburgers and also have good hotdogs and fries. Another thought would be to go to the ledgendary Attman's Deli near downtown which has been pleasing customers with all kinds of great meat subs and sandwiches for about 100 years.
          Sometimes Italian delis' can be a great place for subs/sandwiches with all types of meats to choose from - I love a cold roast beef sub with provolone, lettuce and tomato. I personally like the roast beef sub at Cannella's Italian Deli on Belair Road near Kingsville. Here's a link to a discussion of Italian Deli's.
          Happy hunting!

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            5 Guys cries in the face of Dizzy Issies.


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                I shouldn't be speaking for Jeserf, but I believe what he is saying is that Dizzy Issies has much better hamburgers then 5 Guys. If that is the case, I think I am going to have to make a trip there sometime soon.

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                  yes you should make a trip there.

                  they're very tasty, and i think when i went with my folks and the then boyfriend, the four of us got out of there for under $35...heh I love baltimore.

          2. Petit Louis has a Thursday night special of beef tartate and frites. Hubba hubba. The tartare is hand-chopped tenderloin. It was marvelously spiced. And you get a HUGE serving of frites with it---more than enough for two. I highly recommend it.

            1. Go to McCabes on Falls Road in Hampden and get their burger with cheddar, YUM. Theyhave really good steaks too.

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                Altho I cannot rec'mend Five Guys, the rest of the recommendations are great. Petit Louis has wonderful chicken and steak frites and mosteverything at Pazo and Cinghiale is excelllent. If money is no object, the best steak can be found at th Prime Rib (near downtown) and the Oregon Grille(on Shawan rd in north Balto County).

              2. If i had to choose one place to go eat meat, it would be the lamb chops at Zorba's. They're just incredible. The other food is also very good. The only thing I'm not crazy about is the chicken, which in fairness is hard to grill without the risk of it getting dry.

                1. Thanks guys! Keep the recomendations coming!!

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                    Well there's Korean BBQ at Joung Kak. Yummy meat fest, but it works best with a few friends. We did a chow outing there that was good.

                    Some friends came up from VA who are taking a hiatus from vegetarianism, and the one place they wanted to go based on reputation was Ostrowski's for Polish sausage. The bad news is that they were here on a Sunday, the good news was that I had some in the freezer that I gave them. Anyway, make of that what you will.

                  2. I'm surprised to find that no one has mentioned two of my fav's as a meat eater: cheesesteaks and gyros. For the former, try McGerks or Carls Little House (have not tried this one yet, but have heard good things). For the gyros, I would go to Samos.

                    1. Alonso's on Cold Spring.....long famous for burgers