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Mar 15, 2008 11:44 AM

Has anyone been to the Marina Grille in Brielle?

I know this is nothing fancy at all, but for a quick place to meet some friends with their little ones, I am told this place is family friendly. Food any good? Or find another place?

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  1. Just fyi it's over the bridge in Brick (not sure if you can edit the title).

    Only ate there once and it was a while a go. Main thing I remember is that we ordered a seared tuna something and asked for it on the rarer side. Came out totally cooked through. The waitress noticed it right away and was very accommodating and understanding, but still not the best sign. We left thinking it was okay but overpriced for what it was.

    I think it get pretty crowed on the weekend nights so if you're bringing kids you might want to get there a little early.

    And if you stay to drink at the bar make sure all the ladies with you keep an eye on their purse -- I know someone who had hers stolen there (that could happen just about anywhere though).

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      I've been there a few times. It's nothing special. It gets quite crowded at the bar on weekends and at night. The food is so-so. IMO it's a little overpriced for what you get.