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Mar 15, 2008 11:33 AM

Help! Dinner bloor/charles area

Hi, I am taking my daughter out to dinner for her b-day tonight. we like to try new food. Anything good in the bloor/charles area? mains under $20-25? Hidden gem? Type of food unimportant, we like pretty much eerything. I have to say I love this sight, everyone so helpful.

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  1. How old is this daughter?

    - Wish is quite charming (very pretty little oasis with good food and cocktails).

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    1. re: Rabbit

      Thanks! My daughter is 24. I am in that area fairly often as I live downtown, I wonder why I have missed this gem!

      1. re: Rabbit

        Rabbit, I take it your mom liked Wish on Women's Day. I never did see a report on your outing. Did you post one?

        1. re: Googs

          Ended up at Caren's, Googs... and had a really nice dinner. Posted a quick write-up here:

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            Rabbit, can you tell me about the cheese fondue? My friend and I have been looking for a good cheese fondue for years---ever since Le Rendezvous (on Prince Arthur) closed more than 10 years ago. We like the stringy cheese fondue--and I don't mean like crazy cheese but more like it's obvious that it's cheese and not a spread. Am I making sense here?

      2. A 2nd on Wish.

        Also in the neighbourhood is Imperia at 17 Yorkville. Lovely, warm room; a well thought out wine list; and fantastic service. Oh and the food's great. Don't let the Yorkville address put you off. The prices, while not low, are appropriate.

        17 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M4W1L1, CA

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          Did wish a year or so ago...found the tables to be very close together (which bugged me)...if you like 7 west I believe it is the same people...same iffy service.

          1. re: k8supergrover

            Really? I had really friendly and attentive (but not intrusive) service when I went there.

            1. re: k8supergrover

              At Wish, I can't disagree about how annoyingly close the tables are to each other, but I find the service to be excellent, and the food is also overall, definitely a go-to place for us.

          2. I like the Coffee Mill Restaurant at 99 Yorkville Ave. The food is Hungarian, the prices are quite low and they make a fantastic apple strudel.