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Mar 15, 2008 11:27 AM

stuffed cabbage

I loved the Hungarian stuffed cabbage at Mocca on the UES. Now that it's been closed for a while I can't seem to find great stuffed cabbage. It doesn't have to be a Hungarian place. Do you have any suggestions.

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  1. i like the stuffed cabbage at taam tov, but its hit or miss b/c sometimes its great and sometimes its just so so

    1. Hmmm...
      I think I had really good stuffed cabbage at Theresa's Polish Restaurant in Brooklyn.
      I think they have another location in Manh:
      Theresa's Polish American Restaurant 103 1st Ave. (b/w 6th & 7th St.)
      New York , NY 10003
      (212) 228-0604

      1. Check out the Ulkranian National Home in the EV. I usually eat the pirogies and it's been a while since I had the stuffed cabbage; but I'm sure it's gonna be good. You can also try Veselka down the block.

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          Ukrainian National Home and Theresa's both have good stuffed cabbage but the best I've ever had was from a street vendor at the annual Ukrainian street festival in the East Village. I think it's in May. I'm going to try to go this year.