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Mar 15, 2008 11:27 AM

Brother Jimmy's All You Can Eat BBQ

You may not have been aware that on Sundays Brother Jimmy's on 92nd & 3rd offers all-you-can-eat BBQ with unlimited refills of beer or soda for about $23 ($4 more than a regular order of a half rack of ribs with 2 sides). I have had some decent ribs here from time to time, so the AYCE deal would sound like a pretty attractive bargain, assuming the rowdy frathouse/sportsbar atmosphere does not phase you. But there is a catch.

First: If your plan is to focus on the meat, be aware that you will also have to order two sides - yes, those carb or veg loads that will help fill up your stomach. Second, on the occasions I've been to the restaurant, there is a ridiculously long delay between the time that an order of meat goes in and a plate arrives back at your table. I don't know whether they are growing the grains to feed the livestock out back or what, but it shouldn't take more than 25 minutes to get your food, especially if it's an AYCE meal. But it does, which means that after a first round, you will probably have lost your appetite by the time your second plate arrives.

If you can handle these caveats, or if you just want to hang out with the guys (or girls) watching the game on the tv in the back and drinking lots of beer, it may be worth it. Otherwise, I'm not so sure.

I've also noticed that the food here can be inconsistent. I've had some very good ribs here at times. On the other hand, I've also had meals in which the first round of ribs was delicious but the second tasted like it wasn't even cooked in the same kitchen, let alone by the same person.

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  1. A group of us decided to try Brother Jimmy's Bait Shack after running the Nike Human Race on Randall's Island this past Sunday. We choose this restaurant due to its proximity and causal atmosphere. We tried a bucket of hot wings along with the AYCE rib and beer special. While the wings and the collard greens were decent, the ribs were pretty bad (tough and metallic tasting as if grilled on tin foil). Obviously no additional "rounds" of ribs were ordered. I doubt I would ever return except maybe for a beer and some wings. Good Luck.

    1. Their portions are huge anyway, so AYCE isn't really as good a deal as it sounds. Their ribs are about twice the size of Dinosaur's. Unless you have a huge appetite, their regular-size dinners should be plenty.

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        Their portions are huge? Maybe you are confusing the restaurant we are discussing here? For the record, Dinosaur's ribs no smaller than, and in fact are often substantially larger than, Brother Jimmy's Bait Shack's. At least they were during the year that I occasionally visited Brother Jimmy's, mostly not for AYCE (haven't been there since this spring -- it's possible, but doubtful, that things have changed since then). In fact, I still have the first takeout menu I got from Brother Jimmy's, on which I wrote "puny portions."

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          I go to the Upper East and Upper West Brother Jimmy's frequently, and only eat in. I've always had huge rib portions. Dinosaur's ribs I've also had many times. I can't speak to Brother Jimmy's takeout or delivery portions, or the portions of the other Brother Jimmy's branches.

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          Actually the portions were quite small for the AYCE special. I recall receiving 2 pieces that amounted to less than a typical half slab.

        3. The All You Can Eat sounds OK, but it's also all you can drink? What kind of beer do they offer?

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            I wonder the same thing, because unless they are selling $2 pints, most of the guys I know into AYCE could do $23 worth of beer between courses.

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              The beers the offer are:
              Coor’s light, Bud, Bud light,
              Mich light (Baitshacks)

            2. "you will also have to order two sides - yes, those carb or veg loads that will help fill up your stomach"

              Do they stand over you and make you eat the sides?

              "there is a ridiculously long delay between the time that an order of meat goes in and a plate arrives back at your table"

              This has been my experience at all table service AYCE BBQ since VIctoria Station 25 years ago. Several (most) will not take another order until the first is substantially gone.

              Thank God for Sweet Lucy's - sorry, not in NY.