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Mar 15, 2008 11:08 AM

Help me develop a new easter cheesecake

I want to do something fun....more so than elegant (but please also share any elegant suggestions too !!). I would be good to go with the basic cake recipe, but i'm looking for suggestions on interesting or fun add-ins to make the cake more easter like.

I thought of baking small chocolate easter eggs right in the cake..does anyone have any experience doing this? My thoughts were maybe using the cadbury mini-eggs with the colored coatings that perhaps would blend in a little through the cake.

Another thought was using the peanut butter eggs in the cake......

I've experimented some with colorings and flavors in cheesecakes having made a "blue hawaiian" cake once that had both blue curaco and a bit of coloring in it....but it came out kind of blue-ish green. I have a recipe for a nice lemon swirl cheesecake already, as well as raspberry options. I had thought of a cake once based on the superkid or moon-mist icecream that has lots of colorful swirls....but never got around to making it. So that could be another option.

Anyway, open to all suggestions !!!

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  1. The fruit purees sound good. Maybe three or four colors. You already have red and yellow. Blueberry sauce for blue. Kiwi for green? Might be a bit light -- and seedy -- but you could strain it and add a little food coloring.

    Instead of swirling, you could pour half the batter in your pan, dollop the fruit sauces in, cover with remaining batter so no one knows they're there, and when you cut, I'm envisioning polka dots.

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    1. re: nemo

      Right track - instead of swirling, make spokes with the various fruit purees, do several alternate layers with batter and I think you'd get you're polka-dot effect. Would not, in any case, drop mini chocolate candy-covered eggs into cheesecake batter - chocolate will melt, candy will crack - but probably AFTER they sink to the bottom of the cake. Alternatively, nothing wrong with a lightly swirled strawberry or raspberry cheesecake for a nice spring dessert.

      1. re: Alice Letseat

        Spokes -- or concentric circles? But you're right about alternating layers of batter.

    2. Nigella Lawson had a recipe for a chocolate cake (possibly flourless...sorry, memory is failing) that was sort of a nest for colorful chocolate easter eggs. I think there may have been a chocolate frosting or ganache layer in between the cake and the eggs. Maybe someone else remembers. I would imagine you could do something like a chocolate cheesecake "nest" with the eggs sprinkled on at the last minute.

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      1. re: Dizzied

        If it's the recipe I'm thinking of, it's in Domestic Goddess and it involves melting dark and milk chocolate with some butter and shredded wheat cereal to get the nest texture and topping them with cadbury mini eggs. I was thinking I'd make them for/with the kids this week.

        If it were me I'd make a raspberry cheesecake since berries make me think of Spring and maybe decorate the top with something festive like a few cadbury mini eggs (I'm partial to the dark chocolate ones) or maybe a few peeps :)

        1. re: maplesugar

          Would you mind sharing your recipe for raspberry cheesecake? I make a great lemon cheesecake but when it comes to a raspberry one I am lost.
          Do you just add swirl of raspberry puree?

          1. re: TDEL

            I have a photo of my raspberry cheesecake with my profile somewhere. My recipe is a shortbread cookie crust, a layer of raspberries at the bottom and the filling is a white chocolate flavor (lost of similar recipes out there and i'm too lazy this sunday morning to type out my entire recipe, lol). I bake, and then top with glazed fresh raspberries, and pipe a cream cheese frosting around to finish.

      2. Look up the Russian Easter cheese paska.(But not if you speak Finnish.)

        1. You could top it w/ coconut, colored w/ green dye for grass, and add those mini eggs on top w/ bunny peeps. Add chick peeps around the sides, as a border.

          Or, make little mini cheesecakes, use the grass idea w/ eggs inside and a twizzler stick stuck in like a handle so they're like little baskets.

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          1. re: chowser

            Re: Peeps (never had one but am now fascinated)

            Can you stand them up in the middle of the cake, pour chocolate cheescake around them, using a graham cracker crumb for some kind of a S'more flavour? Then decorate the cooked cake with non melted peeps? Not saying this will work, just trying to think outside the box.

            1. re: moh

              I had talked about something like that in the Peeps thread--maybe make brownies on graham cracker crust and topping w/ peeps before baking the brownies. I've read (but have not tried) that Peeps will kind of hold their shape when heated--supposedly they'll get bigger but then shrink. So, your idea w/ the cheesecake might work well! Hmm, maybe with this dark chocolate cheesecake--it's decadent:


              Either bake w/ the peeps, or just add them at the end for decoration. I'd probably use Peeps on the edge of the cheesecake pan before pouring in the batter so when you remove the edge of the pan, you get a row of peeps. Don't know how well it would work but if it did, it would be fun!

              1. re: moh

                What a cute idea, moh! And quickly, go try the peeps...

                im_nomad, make a ricotta cheesecake or a NY style with sour cream on top, use a brush to apply food coloring to the sour cream, after cooled.

                Then cut the bottoms off of peeps -- blue for ducks (do they come in ducks?), green for chicks (don't want them to drown), etc. (what else do they come in?) and set on top of the cheesecake!

                Now, I for one wouldn't mind having a peep to eat after a slice of really good cheesecake.