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Apr 12, 2002 03:50 PM

Lunch/Dinner in Long Beach

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Hi! I'm going to the Long Beach Grand Prix this weekend, any ideas on good eats? Cuisine...not picky. Thanks.

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  1. Ahh, variables, variables...

    Do you love the energy of the crowds, or do you want to escape from them?

    Do you want somewhere convenient to where you're staying, and if so, where?

    By the way, NEVER admit in the presence of your fellow Hounds that you're not picky. Being picky is our collective raison d'etre. There is the discriminating "us", and there's the rest of the dining world. ;^)

    That said, here are a few possibilities:

    3441 E. Broadway
    562 433 0153
    Great Southern-influenced comfort food served in a comfy family home. Check the link below for specs.

    Carnitas Michoacan
    Corner of Ocean Bl & Cedar Av
    A new branch of a reliable Mex chain, serving a range of goodies from the portable tacos and tortas, to full-plate meals.

    The Yard House
    Close to the action at Shoreline Village, this shrine to beer excess (over 100 on tap) has surprisingly good food. It's almost always busy, and is bound to be packed to the gunnels with "the beautiful people" sunning themselves on the choice patio section, hoisting their favorite brewski.

    Others will chime in with more, but this will get you started. Good luck dealing with all the noise. I live more than a mile east, and it'll still be droning through my 'hood.


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      I wholeheartedly seconded the nod for Lasher's. It's a charming place, feels like it's family run, eligant but not stuffy. Great food.

      1. re: Filmfreaketta

        Lasher's is a great spot! Second (Third?) the recommendation. I'd really stay away from the Pine Ave scene during the Grand Prix... it will be way too crowded, and you won't get the service levels you want. BTW, Lasher's is a family run business, Ray and Lynn are fantastic, and sometimes on Friday nights, their little son will help out in the front of the house... he's adorable.

    2. Frency's Bistro on Anaheim, if you can get a reservation. IMHO, the best meal in Long Beach.

      Just came back from a nice lunch at the Creperie on 2nd in Belmont Shores. Good crepes and espresso; very slow service (we noted the help wanted sign in the window).

      I suspect 2nd Street will be a zoo this weekend, but there are a few good places down that way. Open Sesame, for mid-Eastern. Shenandoah, for good, not great, American style standards (but the fritters they pass right after you've been seated are heavenly!) There are lots of little places on 2nd, ranging from Italian to Mexican (Super-Mex is a Long Beach favorite for the usual Mexican menu items) to Greek to Indian to sushi to Thai and who knows what else. Babette's Feast, on 2nd just after it splits from Livingston is a great breakfast and lunch place - bakery, panini's, espresso. All yummy.

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        wow i'm a dog

        Green Field Churrascaria (BBQ)
        5305 E. Pacific Coast Highway
        Long Beach
        (562) 597-0906
        Open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily

        My in-laws just tried this place and said it was fantastic. It's a fixed price "menu," and the only downside was that the desserts and beverages are charged separately which made it more expensive than they had wanted.

        As for vegetarians (don't want to go into what *kind* I am), there is an extensive salad bar. Plus, caipirinhas!

        Link to their menu below.

        For "fancier" food, I like L'Opera.

        101 Pine Avenue
        Long Beach, CA 90802
        corner of Pine & 1st Street