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Mar 15, 2008 10:27 AM

Best of Portland

Have a foodie friend relocating to Portland, would like to get her a gift certificate to a place in Portland which will give her a great wine selsction, fresh & tasty treats, but most importantly a cool portland feel for a newcomer.. thanks so much!

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  1. What's your budget and neighborhood and cuisine preference?

    Also, from where are they relocating?

    Toro Bravo immediately comes to mind:

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      I don't know which area but I do now its in the city... she is coming from Boulder and lunch spots would be great too - she has one friend there so maybe places she would not feel uncomfortable on her own. No cuisine preferance - she loves fresh food, seafood, meats, cheese, she is an all around foodie.

    2. Hey vafeed,

      This may be total anathema to the purpose of this board, but how about a g.c. for Made in Oregon, the retailer of "All that is Oregon"?

      And, If you want to split the g.c. to include a trip to a very local restaurant, I'd do something like Higgins. VERY locally oriented.


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      1. re: AndyP

        Please, not Made in Oregon - owned by Pamplin and nothing "foodie" about it. Toro Bravo is a good call... also, Biwa, Simpatica, Pizza Scholls, Nostrana...Can't you go wrong with any of these...

        1. re: chefguy

          If you do want to give her a certificate to a retail store where she could buy food and wine, Pastaworks would be a much better choice than Made in Oregon!

      2. I agree with Sauce Supreme. Just get the gift certificate for Toro Bravo. She will be impressed and appreciative -- guaranteed.

        1. Just going on a limb here, but one option would be to possibly set up a tour of a winery in/around the PDX area. I know some do tastings, and pairings. Just an idea that would tie in many aspects of the Northwest's bounty, with a hands on interactive experience. All of which would be dependent upon ones budget.

          1. I would highly recommend Wildwood - very Portland/local, really nice people, delicious food. I have probably taken every family member there and have never been disappointed.