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Mar 15, 2008 10:18 AM

New Kabab place at Shops at Arundel Preserve

I don't know if any of you have driven past the new construction site that's to be the Shops at Arundel Preserve yet but I did yesterday and they have a sign out on the main road with the list of shops that will be there. Along with a Five Guys there will be some kind of kebab place. I didn't catch the full name but it was something Kebab. I'm SO excited!!


Here's the website:

No mention of a Kebab place so either they decided to add that and haven't yet added it to the web site or I read it wrong. Really hoping it was former though!

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  1. It will be a branch of Maiwand Kabob coming in August. We ate at the Columbia branch last night and it was listed on there new menus. It is a YUMMY place. Search board for recs.

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      Cool, thanks!!

      I just looked at the menu and that'll probably become one of my favorite places AND it's on my way home from work so even better! What did you get last night?

      1. re: lrebetsky0423

        I opted for lamb and hubby had the lamb and chicken combo. I have had everything but the salmon and enjoyed them. The daily specials are nice treats but you have to get them early since they are mainly for lunch. I like trying kabobs from different regions since they each have different flavoring.

    2. I'll have look closer the next time I get off there to get gas. I did notice the Five Guys. My husband is SOOO excited about the Five Guys.

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        I just drove by again yesterday and saw that they also plan to put a Red Parrot Asian Cafe in there.

      2. I went to the Columbia location of Maiwand Kebab today for lunch and the quality and taste were really good. I had the lamb and chicken, which were cooked and seasoned perfectly; spicy, juicy, and tender with just a touch of charring from the grill. The rice was light and fluffy and even the salad was good. The bread was surprisingly unappetizing, somewhat stiff and cardboard-like except where the meat juices had soaked in, though I could see where they make it. It must just be the style. I saw a lady throw hers out almost untouched though she devoured everything else.

        Maiwand is definitely on my list of good eats now, though I think I'll try the Elkridge Landing Road location to see if it's as good since BWI is otherwise a culinary desert.

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          I didn't mean to try Maiwand Kabob again so soon, but I was stuck in traffic near the Elkridge Landing location and decided to peel off and find it. It was, as someone else said, yummy, and this time the bread was much better (softer, warm, and fresh) though it still lacks something to make it great, perhaps enough oil/shortening.

          I think they'll do well. It's on the ground floor of an office building (where Charlie's Chinese buffet used to be) and they're only open during the workweek (and then only until 7:30 pm) but thousands of people work in that area next to BWI. This is the first non-fast food place other than maybe the sandwiches at the gas station that I would recommend without adding a lot of caveats (like I would with, for example, G&M's).