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Mar 15, 2008 09:48 AM

Dewar's Scotch -- tastes different lately?

OK, Dewar's is my husband and my favorite blended scotch. My husband says he has been drinking it since he was about 16 years old (many years ago). I've been drinking it regularly for about 7 years. We both think that lately it does not taste the same. We used to like it for its light, almost sweet, very smooth flavor, without a lot of iodine notes. Now it tastes and smells far more like iodine, to both of us. Anyone agree? Has anyone heard anything? If we're right, it seems pretty shocking to me to change a long-standing blend recipe such that a layman like me really notices the difference.

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  1. I tried it for the first time a few weeks ago. It had a sharp, briney taste that I didn't care for. I have no idea what it tasted like in the past, though.

    1. Are you on antibiotics? That affects taste sometimes.

      1. I doubt that they have changed the blend but it is possible. I would second the medication slant, check the age of the "new" bottle as well and lastly, are you sure the seal on the bottle was intact?

        1. I'm drinkinga Dewars on the rocks right now, It's terrible. It has a horrible taste. Today is my Birthday, May 9, 2010. I'm 71 and have been drinking Dewars for decades, but this tastes like medicine.

          1. I have had Dewars white label three times since I started drinking scotch seriously a couple months ago. The first time was from a mini bottle, and it was one of the first I had, so had no frame of reference. The second time it was at a bar after Laphroaig 10, so my palate was a little wrecked.

            Last week I had it on a clean palate at the same bar and I barely found it drinkable. Just had that cheap grainy finish that I find in the blends I don't like - Ballantines, J+B. It's a shame because I have a bottle of Aberfeldy 12 and I love it.