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Best pulled pork?

I've heard a lot about how tasty pulled pork is but I've never tried it. Any suggestions on restaurants that serve it, preferably central or east end/Scarborough? An article in today's Toronto Star lists BeerBistro in the financial district as the best for pulled pork, but perhaps you have other opinions which I'd appreciate, please.


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  1. Thanks for the link. It looks like Phil's needs to get back to basics. Pulled pork is a sensitive issue on this board, but Pitaki has a good overview.
    Here is a link showing what you can do at home with pulled pork in the upcoming season. The cook is Marlene, of Oakville. Scroll 1/3 way down the page to the photo to see her first effort, and the second at the bottom.


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        I agree on both accounts.

        Phil's has gone downhill sadly. Used to be a prety safe choice for BBQ but now... yoish

        Black Camel is a very safe place for pulled pork. Also, all of their other sandwiches (brisket, steak, pulled chicken) excellent as well. There are really no bad choices there and it's right across from Rosedale station so you can't go wrong with the location either. Try their chili as well, very hearty, lots of meat.

        Overall, Toronto is still lacking in the BBQ department, but with summer fastly approaching (or slowly if you look outside *shakes fist*) , why note grab your bbq or a smoker and try it yourself.

      2. The pulled pork at Cluck, grunt and low (Bloor location) is the best thing on the menu. I prefer it to Phil's and the Black Camel. The pulled pork at the black camel is not smoked and to me that feels like cheating.

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          I can’t get over when people say Black Camel is overrated. I just can’t fathom who would think that. I’ve had pulled pork all over and Black Camel is among the best I’ve had anywhere. Certainly the best I’ve had in Toronto. And who cares if it’s not smoked?! There are lots of camps for pulled pork technique. Smoking is not the only way to make it. Nor the best, in my opinion. But hey, that’s just me. Black Camel’s brisket is also superb.

          Never had Cluck, Grunt….. or Phil’s. Not in a huge rush to check out Phil’s these days from what I’ve heard. Curious about Beerbistro’s pp though I must say.

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            And note that Black Camel has made a point of making it known that their PP isn't smoked. Don't necessarily agree that it's the best but good stuff.

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              I don't know if I was in on a bad day, but I found the texture lacking. It was crumbly. And the sauce was too sweet.

        2. I will for sure try the sandwich at the Beer Bistro, looks very good. I would have to agree with the cluck grunt a low recommendation. It is one of the best things on their menu. Black Camel on the other hand is completely overrated. You would be better off to make your own at home since it isnt rocket science if your not smoking the pork shoulder. Not to say Black camel isnt good, its just overated. I have to say ive never tried phil's because I was turned off by what I seen on restaurant makeover. Someday I will give it a try. Check out Cluck.

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            I'm a big fan of the beerbistro pulled pork. Aside from some of the ribfest vendors that come through town in the summer, it's the only one I really like. Though I haven't tried the current version with the fries and cheese in it. Sounds tasty, but I like the plain one so much that I keep asking for that.

          2. This is like one of those best burger or best pizza debates. There's so many different ways to cook and serve it and everyone's got an opinion!

            I lived in Atlanta and Dallas for work and love good BBQ. I've considered returning to Dallas just on the basis of a trip to Sonny Bryan's BBQ alone and miss it dearly. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

            For me the best pulled pork in this city comes withe PP sandwhich at Cluck, Grunt and Low. It's been somewhat inconsistant in that some days it's amazing and others just really damn good but always enjoy it. Memphis style with slaw on top of the meat is an added bonus too! This is the meat with some sauce on top, not the style that's been simmering in sauce for awhile. (I like that style too as long as the sauce is up to par.)

            1. Camp 31 in Paris, Ontario is the best in the GTA. http://www.camp31.com

              Memphis BBQ in Woodbridge is a close second. http://www.memphisbbq.ca/home.html

              If you can't go that far, wait till Ribfest season -- since you're in Scarborough you're close to three fests now, your local one (Civic Holiday weekend) as well as the new one in Pickering (June 6-8) and my personal favorite in Markham (July).

              1. Camp 31. Hands down.
                I found the Beer Bitro version overpriced, and oversalted.
                Most memorable experiences are
                Fat Cat

                1. Buster Rhino's at Thickson Rd and Wentworth St in Whitby offers lunch counter service Mon-Fri. They have daily specials and offer pulled pork, brisket ribs and chicken. They use a Southern Pride commercial smoker. I believe they supply local restaurants with their smoked meats as well.


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                    The sauce is not bad. A good local product.

                  2. I don't have much to compare it with, but I thought the pulled pork at Whole Foods was amazing! Same with their pulled bbq chicken..the Oakville location has a fairly new "bbq" section and offers sandwiches and pre-packaged servings of the pork/chicken..

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                      I agree that Whole Foods does a pretty yummy pulled pork (though the last time we got it it was too liquidy). I also quite enjoyed CG&L on Bayview's pulled pork and was less than impressed with Phil's. Haven't tried Beer Bistro's or Black Camel's.

                    2. By sheer coincidence I had the pulled pork sandwich this weekend at Beer Bistro. It was wonderful! The pork was tender and juicy, the coleslaw was tahgy, the bun had good texture and the gouda was sliced thick. All these flavours were making my taste buds happy. The only thing I would change is melting the cheese and having some wet naps on hand since the sandwich is messy to eat.

                      1. hmm, i m gonna try it for sure.

                        1. Hmmm. It's curious that hungryabby hasn't chimed in for House on Parliament...

                          HoP pulled pork is tasty and seems to be well-loved.

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                            Sweet Smoke in Oakville has the best pulled pork I have had in Ontario.

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                              well.. I still do love my HoP.. but, I went quite recently expecting my favourite beloved sandwich to be the same as it always has been, but it was missing something. The bread that the sandwich is served on was still perfect, and the pork itself was good but the pork's sauce was not as flavourful as it usually is. Actually, it almost seemed like it had been sitting around too long. It also wasnt as sweet. Hopefully just an off night. I obviously will it try again. Has anyone else found this?

                            2. House on Parliment at Carlton& Parliment, is one of the best pulled porks I have ever had!