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Mar 15, 2008 09:14 AM

Hip spot on the UWS w/good food, naturally!

Any recs?

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    1. re: idia

      citrus seems to have a relatively good balance of hipness and solid foodness.
      (though i agree that ouest is also fantastic, i dont think hip is a word id use to describe it.)

    2. calle ocho is hip, i guess. but, if you want better food, i'd definitely go with ouest without question. perhaps nice martin will fit the bill. can you provide more descriptives on the perfect place?

      1. Citrus has a younger, noiser crowd than places w/far bettwr food like Ouest, Nice Matin, Telepan, even Compass but I think the food suffers, the last time we went was a big drop-off in quality from previous visits. though their sushi is still OK.

        I'd ask about yr definition of hip but then my post would probably get deleted ;-)

        1. I love Ouest (it's one of my favorite restaurants in the city), but to be honest, calling it "hip" would be a stretch.

          For the best overall combination of hip and good food, I like nativeNYer's Calle Ocho rec. Some people also really like Cafe Frida (good cocktails) and Josie's. Bin 71 might also work for you if you want to do the small plates thing. Most of the dishes are pretty good and wines are decent.

          I personally stay far, far away from Citrus--both because of the shoddy food and the unbelievably loud din. It's a good place to go if you don't really want to have a convo with your dining companions.

          1. i would recommend staying clear of citrus as well. thinking along the lines of bin 71 as cimui stated, i'd like to add roses and wine (a larger version of bin 71) and cafe ronda.

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            1. re: nativeNYer

              I have to disagree about Roses and Wine, or Wine and Roses, or whatever it's called- we went a couple of weekends ago and it was disappointing, particularly because the bartender, while nice to look at, unfortunately knows little about wine, which is weird because it' s a wine bar. Also, the small plates they serve are quite expensive for what they are, and the cheese on the cheese plate was really mediocre. The food at Calle Ocho is fine, and the drinks are especially good, and it is rather hip, and it's fun to sit in the loungy part of the bar before or after dinner. I highly, highly recommend Ouest. I think it's hip enough, particularly when the quality of the food is taken into account. I personally really like Cafe Frida, but I don't think it's hip either. Josie's is definitely not hip, but it's good for lunch. Nice Matin is certainly always full of hip-ly dressed folks, and it has a nice wine list, but I don't love the food. Bar Boulud, maybe? All said, despite the UWS's recent and ongoing food renaissance, you might be barking up the wrong tree, neighborhood-wise, for "hip" atmosphere.

              1. re: sed231

                I generally agree that the UWS isn't exactly the best place for good food AND hip, though Momoya seems to be getting a lot of attention in the neighborhood for combining both.