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Mar 15, 2008 08:51 AM

Marbled pork in SF Markets?

Remember pork before it got agri-factoried? Do you have a favorite butcher or market in San Francisco who still carries the real thing? Up in Humboldt County, pork is pale and dry and tough. We'd love to bring back some pork roasts, belly, chops, or any cut that has a proportion of fat that will cook up tender. Also welcome would be a charcuterie place, any ethnicity. We're bringing a cold chest in case we get lucky.

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  1. Prather Ranch (in the Ferry Building) sells heritage pork, including Berkshire. They are certainly not afraid of fat. Their pork and beef is always excellent (but not cheap).

    1. The Golden Gate Meat Company (also can be found in the Ferry Building) can help you out too. My wife just picked up pork bellies from them (a special order - even places like Bryan's here can't help you with that one) for a dinner tonight.

      When I was in Portugal a couple years ago, I fell in love with porco preto from the Alentejo region. If only I could find a way to import it...