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Mar 15, 2008 12:58 AM

SEA: Grinders Hot Sandwiches

I just had their Sauball today and it is very good. I'd just like to know what everyone thinks of this place or if you guys have heard of it. is their website.

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  1. It may be in poor form to point out another website, but I've seen a lot of people on yelp discussing the place as having some of the best sandwiches in the area.

    1. I have been singing the praises of this place for some time now. Mitch, the owner, is just an all around great guy and he is pays fastidious attention to the quality of food he serves. Here is a posting I made about this place last August:

      Must stop for sandwiches is Grinders on Hwy 99 in Shoreline (south of Costco), but only if you like toasty, garlicky and messy large portions. Be forewarned: with tax you'll fork out over 10 bucks for your sandwich, but quality has its price. My personal favorites are the Ciabatta Grinder, with a variety of Italian cured meats baked with sun-dried tomato pesto, grilled onions and mozzarella; and the Dipper, a French Dip on prednisone with roast beef, portobello mushrooms, grilled onions, horseradish sauce and Swiss cheese. A veggie-oriented friend insists on the Giardino – think ratatouille on toasted ciabatta.

      1. easily one of the top 5 sandwich places in seattle area. along with paseo, baguette box, tats in pioneer square and the other coast cafe. but mitch is the main reason i go there often. great guy, great vibe, and great food. well worth the drive!

        1. I went yesterday and the sandwiches I had were good not great but my opinion could have been compounded by the service. I ordered take out and my for some reason my dessert was prepared first, followed by my sandwiches, followed 5 minutes later by my cup of chili. Then the cold toppings were put into the chili container insuring that everything would be the same temperature (cold) by the time I got home. The worst part though was watching the cook who made my sandwiches wipe his nose, his brow, and play with his hair and never wash his hands while making my food. I like the open kitchen idea, but if you have one you need to make sure things are at least semi clean.

          1. It's alright, but I wouldn't feel like I was missing something if I had never been.
            Meatball subs and sausage subs are are solid.
            But they tend to use waaaaay too much garlic on their Cheesesteak, but maybe you're into that sort of thing.

            I haven't tried their other sandwiches, but I might at some point after a Costco trip.
            But from what I've had, no way it's in the class of Baugette Box or Paseo.

            Wish they were open on Sundays.

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              I would've enjoyed it a lot more if the sandwiches were a few dollars cheaper. I know it's quibbling, but at 10/12 for a sub sandwich, I expect something really special, and Grinders isn't all that.