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Mar 14, 2008 09:53 PM

Seeking Diverse Philly Food Suggestions!

Gothamite Will Visit City of Brotherly Love Next Weekend

Dear Fellow Hounds:

Next weekend, I'll be in Philly for an art tour (Barnes Foundation & Philly Art Museum) and I'd like to get your recs for brunches, bakeries, tea houses, and dinners. If you could give me about 3 options in each category, I'd be most grateful. I love both sweet and savory foods (inc. eggs), but I've a penchant for the sugar/carbs, i.e., french toast, pancakes, scones, and multigrain bread, etc. Re: cuisine, I fancy Italian, French, American Creative/Eclectic, Surf-n-Turf, and Pan Asian/Fusion. Thank you in advance for your invaluable input!


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  1. Let's start with the Barnes area:
    For brunches or lunches I would suggest Murrays or Hymie's delicatessen, Aldar -- Mediterranean (also for dinner), Tavern (American) for lunch or dinner. If you are willing to drive about 10 minutes farther, Jake's in Manayunk has the most delectable Sunday brunch. (Their dinners are also among my very favorites too. Extremely creative chef.)
    The only bakery in the Barnes area is Viking which is pretty good (ignore the indifferent staff)

    Now for the Art Museum area:
    The Museum itself has a lovely dining restaurant for lunch but you do need a reservation. Right nearby is the Water Works for lunch. The Cira Center is also pretty close by and is a snazzy looking, New York kind of place, good for lunch as well.
    As for dinners in the Art Museum area or fairly close by:
    Matyson - Eclectic
    Branzino - Italian
    Caffe Castadiva - Italian (all BYOB's which is very nice)
    My favorite spot (but at Broad & Locust) is a Greek seafood place called Estia (pricey)
    For Asian fusion - Susannah Foo's at 1512 Walnut Street (also pricey)

    Bon Appetit and enjoy Philly's wonderful Art places.

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    1. re: idia

      idia - Can you expand on Jake's in Manayunk? We are always looking a good Sunday brunch spot. Thanks!

      1. re: crazyspice

        Here is their website. Click on brunches.
        All this talk about Jakes -- I think I might try to get in there tonight.

      2. re: idia

        Thanks for all the tips! Unfortunately, I won't have a car. However, I'm willing to go anywhere w/in reason for good grub on public transport. Is all the hype about Honey's really true? How about Sabrina's Cafe and La Croix Rittenhouse. What's your take on the following places? I've seen them on previous posts: Osteria; Le Bec Fin; Vetri; Modomio; Ansill; Tinto; Amada; and Mama Maria's? Also, what bakeries are in the central Philly area? Thanks so much!

        1. re: laurennycfoodie

          Where are you staying? I'm not crazy about any of the options in the suburbs except Jake's and there is nothing within walking distance from the Barnes. I'm sure we can give you many options in the city if we know where you are staying.

          1. re: saturninus

            bank st. hostel (2nd/3rd & Market). Gotta economize somewhere! How about Pumpkin, Porcini, LBV, or Marrakesh? Thanks.

            1. re: laurennycfoodie

              None of those are near 2nd and Market. Like Fork (3rd-4th & Market, but not cheap), Vento for sushi (Chestnut between 2nd and Front St) or Uzo (on Market between Front & 2nd). La Famiglia - excellent Italian on Front Street just south of Market (pricey). What's LBV?

              1. re: laurennycfoodie

                I love Marrakesh! I hope you were able to hit this place up for dinner with a group of folks! Great food, cool experience. The Baklava is to die for!!