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Apr 12, 2002 01:04 AM


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I see so many complants on poor service.

so if the waiter is rude, we still tip.
if the food is late we still tip.
if we wait 30 minutes for our table, we still tip.
if the dish comes out wrong, we still tip\
if we only see our waiter twice we still tip.
if the wine is $300 we are expected to tip $60

Every time we tip poor service, we create a bigger problem.

below is a link set up by waiters, listing the stories of how they abuse customers, how the screw with the food, and what they really think//.

I recently dined at vert, it took 3 hours for 3 courses, you think i tipped?

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  1. Maybe the cook was to blame. Since you've worked behind the stoves yourself, I'm sure you've seen plenty of cooks (yourself included) take out their frustrations on the food or the servers.

    Many of the problems you listed may not always be the server's fault. Rudeness and failure to pay attention to a table are the server's own fault (usually), but late food and a dish coming out wrong could be the cook's fault. A long wait to be seated could be the fault of the host/hostess, overbooking, or inconsiderate customers who insist on lingering long after they've finished their meal. As for tipping on an expensive bottle of wine, well, if you can afford to pay $300 for a bottle of wine you should be able to afford to tip $45 to $60.

    We create a even bigger problem when we don't complain to the manager about poor service. Showing silent disapproval simply by stiffing the server won't fix anything. But since you worked in the business, I'm sure you know that you'll probably get extra "special" service should you ever decide to return.

    1. that link doesn't seem to work. I want to hear horror stories from waiters.

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        Yeah... didn't work for me either, it says the site isn't up/developed. But for stories in that vein, check out, very interesting and can be slightly disturbing... :)
        Makes me happy that I've always been good to wait staff (thanks to my best friend from HS being a waiter!).