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Mar 14, 2008 09:00 PM

Ecuadorian Food In Boston?

Does anyone know of a restaurant in the area that serves good Ecuadorian food? I've done research online and have come up with nothing. Any suggestions?

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      1. re: Luther

        Scroll all the way down the list to:
        Pandorgas 170 Willow St.
        Waltham, MA (781) 647-9270 Ecuadorian
        Never heard of it or been so don't know if it's accurate.

        1. re: lgss

          Pandorgas was terrific, but it has been gone for many years.

          1. re: peng

            Agreed, it was great. The owner was so friendly and the food was delicious. They must have shut down about 8 years ago. I think they continued doing a catering business after the restaurant closed, but that business also closed.

    1. I don't know if its good but I passed a new little taqueria on brighton near the Horace Mann School (Cazilla maybe is the name but i'm not sure) and their sign says mexican, ecuadorian and guatamalan. if you try it, let us know if its good!

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      1. re: teezeetoo

        I believe it's the Jackson-Mann School.

        1. re: teezeetoo

          Hey everybody,
          sorry i didn't write back sooner but i went to check out the restaurant Carrizal and unfortunately it's a Mexican, Guatemalen and Salvadorean restaurant. The food is pretty good and most of the plates are under $10 so it was worth the trip. In the area there was also a Colombian restaurant, as well as a Brazilian restaurant... almost all of Latin America it seems was present, but no Ecuador! If you guys do pass by an Ecuadorian restaurant in the area please let me know!


          1. re: yess34

            thanks for checking and for the feedback. hope you find your ecuadorian dream!

        2. I could be totally mistaken here, but I thought Taqueria Casa Real in Dorchester was Ecuadoran.

          Taqueria Casa Real
          860A Dorchester Avenue
          Boston, MA 02125
          (617) 282-3135

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          1. re: DotDiner

            I'm pretty sure that it's guatemalan and mexican. I honeymooned in ecuador and never saw anything resembling ecuadorean food on the menu - however, ownership has changed and I no longer go regularly since I don't work in the neighborhood anymore.

            1. re: mathteacher

              Not a restaurant, but we talked about it on the street food thread.... There is a place called Herrera's with a counter in the Transportation Building Food Court and a cart in Downtown crossing and is definitely all Ecuadorenos.

              1. re: trotliner

                Herrera's? If you mean the brothers, they're from Colombia. (5 were working there, about 3 years ago.) Lots of Colombians here in Boston.

                Who would call Herrera's 'Ecuadorean'? Safer to say "it's all 'Mexican' " IMO.

                1. re: beacon_hill_boy

                  Sorry, I was interested in the tomatillo hot sauce they make and they explained to me that it was from "their country" which they told me was Ecuador.

          2. Just got a note that Paul O'Connell of Chez Henri is starting a Latin dinner series where Ecuadorian food will be featured among other countries.