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Mar 14, 2008 08:49 PM

Rehearsal dinner for 50

Can anyone suggest a place for a rehearsal dinner, maybe Mexican food for 50 that is about 25.00 per person? I am desperate for help.

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  1. What area are you in? El Cholo in Santa Monica might be able to help you.

    1. Don Cuco in Glendale has a private upstairs room and the food is pretty good. We're considering it for a party, as well.

      1. Empress Pavillion in Chinatown could most likely exclusive of alcohol bring you in on budget. I would normally recommend Hop Li but Empress Pavillion has niceer surroundings for your type of event, and the food is good.

        1. Lares on Pico would work

          Lula on Main is worth looking into

          Not Mexican, but Il Moro has that lovely patio, and might be able to work out a cheaper meal; cheaper than that might be Fritto Misto

          Also, Warszawa in Santa Monica

          One other idea would be to do something at Bergamot Station, and it would be less formal