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Mar 14, 2008 07:55 PM

Going to Sampa and Rio!

I will be in Sao Paulo and Rio next week.I've been traveling to Brazil since 2004 and married a Paulista, so I've some experience in Brazilian food and restaurants.Now, I'm looking to take it to the next level.

Sampa-I'd love some recs for your favorite paderias, lanchonetes, por kilos, pizzerias, and street foods that a pure Paulista. Also places for choppe, and cachaca.Maybe, the best cuzcuz Paulista?

Rio-Restaurants with real Carioca fare, places for bolinhos de bacalhao, and sucos.

In general, cuisine that is unique to those cities.And, I'm on a quest for the ultimate coxinha de galinha/frango.

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  1. In Sao Paulo I would suggest Brasil a Gosto. It's a wonderful new restaurant that cooks traditional Brazilian dishes nouvelle cuisine style. I had a wonderful meal there in December. I love the salgadinhos at Pao de Queijo Hadock Lobo. I would also suggest a trip to the Mercado downtown for a "sandwich the mortadela" and "pastel".

    You can do a search in Rio and you will find many good suggestions. I love the bolinho de bacalhau at Manoel e Joaquim, but I haven't been there in a while, it used to be quite good, though. For traditional, old school, casual Carioca fare I like Degrau and Alvaro's Bar, both in Leblon. Both have been around forever. Another place very traditional in Rio is Antiquarius; it is expensive but I like it a lot, although I have recommended to some American friends in the past and they didn't enjoy it. Portuguese food can be very unfamiliar to the American taste, but if you are an adventurous eater it may be worth to try it.
    For sucos in Rio I would suggest Polis Sucos at Maria Quiteria and Visconde de Piraja.

    1. As far as bolinho de bacalhau, I think Bracarense is the best. Try their shrimp "on a stick" too. I also love their empadinhas (carne seca is a favorite) . At Alvaro's, the pastel is wonderful, as are their caipirinhas...For fresh juices, there is Polis sucos, mentioned by Toot, and also Bibi Sucos and Balada Sucos, both in the Ipanema/Leblon neighborhood.