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Mar 14, 2008 07:55 PM

grabbing lunch on Saturdays near SF State

No time or inclination to go to Stonestown. Is there anything good near SFSU besides a Peet's booth?

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  1. How near? Walking? Or can you drive/bus? You'll have to go to Ocean Ave or West Portal. There are lots of good things on both of these streets! There are also lots of places up 19th in the direction of GG park.

    1. Are you willing to drive 1.5 miles? If so, Ming Kee (Chinese roast meats) or Champa Garden (Lao food)

      Perhaps too broad a thread, but lots of info:

      1. The OP said he doesn't have the time to go even as far as Stonestown, which means the answer to his/her question is no. There is a Turtle Tower counter in the student center but I'm pretty sure it's weekdays only. Hall of Flame Burger and the taqueria in the same mall could be OK options, but if you don't have time to go to Stonestown it will take you roughly the same amount of time to walk to Cambon/19th, which you've already said is too much.

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          Update - the Vietnamese food counter behind the student center is no longer affiliated with Turtle Tower. It's now this place:

          Also, on campus Cafe Rosso and the Station Cafe are apparently open on Saturdays, according to Yelp - I had thought they were M-F only. While far from being destination eating, both serve palatable sandwiches at lower prices than you'll find in most of the rest of SF (I think the SFSU culinary arts program subsidizes both businesses or maybe they just sell at close to cost since they're both catering to students and are there for teaching purposes).