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Good Salvadorian food in or near Echo Park

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I have some out-of-town visitors with some dietary restrictions here in Echo Park who would like to eat some Salvadorian food. Also, since the demise of my favorite local Salvadorian restaurant (Café La Paz), I'm curious about other nearby Salvadorian places.

Does anybody know about Nuvia's on Sunset? I think it's where La Fe used to be. What do people think of the place at the intersection of Glendale, Alvarado, and Berkeley? What about Los Cobanos?

(Some of the visitors are vegetarian except for fish; some are very allergic to eggs and avoid wheat and cheese. Because one of the visitors is a three-year-old child, it makes the most sense for us to get take-out.)

I might get take-out from Atlacatl, though I'm a little mystified as to what to get the more allergic types. I guess pupusas with beans but no cheese, and fish with no breading with more beans...

Any thoughts are welcome, whether about what would be good for my visitors, or about local Salvadorian places in general. And if anyone knows whether Café La Paz relocated, please do tell.


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  1. I know of a place in Highland Park called Las Casuelas, which is very good. Another place that has been recommended to me, but which I have not tried, is called El Arco Iris (also in Highland Park).

    I don't know of anything in Echo Park personally, but I imagine that there are very good Salvadoran restaurants there.

    El Arco Iris
    5684 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042

    1. El Arco Iris is a Mexican Resturant..
      El Buen Gusto in Atwater is the best Salvadorian in the area, there are two locations I frequent the location on Glendale Blvd and no need to do take-out as they are VERY baby and toddler friendly (most latin places are!).
      The veg/no wheat people I think will have some options...as you stated seafood (buen gusto has a good shrimp dish) also platanos and beans (minus crema? maybe not so good..).
      I have not been to La Fogata ( the Glendale/Alvarado place). I did not like La Fe that much, but yes Cafe la Paz was good I am pretty sure that they did not relocate. Besides those places there are, to my knowledge, no other Salvadorian restaurants in Echo Park. On Sunset in Silverlake there is a place, was there once, did not bekon me back for a second time. There are plenty of choices in the Mac Arthur Park area though...

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        Thank you for the correction. I thought El Arco Iris was Salvadoran, but I have never been there. :-)

        Las Casuelas has both Salvadoran and Mexican food. I like their pupusas, and they bring out a big jar of curtido (pickled cabbage) with your pupusa order, which is yummy.

        El Buen Gusto sounds great.

      2. Link-

        El Buen Gusto Restaurant Fmly
        3140 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

        1. Thanks to both of you for your suggestions!

          I had forgotten about El Buen Gusto -- I've seen it but haven't been there -- sounds good. Thanks also for considering my visitors' dietary restrictions -- I left some out -- the veg/no wheat person is also low carb! But I think she makes an exception for pupusas ;-)

          I'll also look into Las Casuelas, Abundant curtido is definitely a plus. I've heard of El Arco Iris for Mexican but have never been there.

            1. I love Los Cobanos but it's not the fanciest of places...

              1. salvadorean food is too often, under rated, but those who have had it, and have had good salvadorean, they know that it is different, but very good eating

                but like most foods, if and when you reduce the fat, sugar, salt, etc. etc. to make it a healthier version, you also reduce a lot of what makes that food a good and memorable meal

                some restaurants will not have alternative versions either, they have their recipes, and they like to stick to them because they have had good results, but it doesn't hurt to ask

                there's a a little little hole in the wall on 8th. st. and bonnie brae in the mc.arthur park area, los molcajetes, it's a dive, service ain't much, but man is it good

                for those who have no diet restrictions, i recommend the pupusas revueltas, the yuca frita con chicharron, platanos fritos con frijoles y crema, sopa de pata, and of course, pasteles, wash it all down with an ensalada or horchata (it's different than the mexican version) lordy lord....i won't recommend the tamales, but that's only cause' i'm not too crazy about them...too mushy

                good luck with your visitors

                oh, one more thing, salvadoreans don't bread or batter fish when they fry it, they go all natural, fish, and hot fat yum

                1. Hey all. Thanks for your suggestions...this is the veg+fish/allergic houseguest speaking. Because my family and I were at a convention all day, the food had to be take-out. Emmy went to Nuvia's and we had some fish, plain bean pupusas, curtido, rice, and some misc things. The fish wasn't exciting but it was exactly what I needed after a day of eating carby food samples. The ranchero sauce was homemade and really good. The tortillas and pupusa outsides were fine but nothing special and it was boring to just have plain beans in there (though I was thrilled that they were willing to make them up special)...would have loved some sauteed veggies.

                  I don't know where some of you get the idea that I eat lowfat or low salt or that I consider that healthy. I do reduce carbs, because I'm hypoglycemic (I can cheat with stuff like tortillas if I'm careful), but I'm all for (non-lard) fat and plenty of salt. My body does well with both. The allergies (mostly my daughter's) are things we need to work around but aren't a huge deal (and are no problem at all when we cook for ourselves).

                  I live in the Bay Area (north of SF) so only get Salvadorian food once a year, when I visit LA, but Nuvio's wasn't even close to my memory of the fab stuff Emmy found for us last year...or the year before. Yum. We'll definately try El Buen Gusto next year.

                  1. alright now...the low salt low fat low anything example was mentioned in general, the original post mentioned certain diet limits and restrictions, for whatever reasons, and no one (me) got or have the idea that some of you (you), eat low salt, low...well, you get the idea

                    and with that said, i hate to tell "you", i told you so, your plain bean pupusas were...plain, and you most definitely don't sound like you had a good experience this time around

                    better luck next time