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Mar 14, 2008 07:38 PM

Hungry Cat - MUST orders?

Going to the Hungry Cat for dinner tomorrow. Will by my first time. Only dining w/ one other person.
Are there any items that are a MUST HAVE? Feel free to mention any MUST HAVE cocktails too.

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  1. The Buratta and roasted tomato to start.A great beginning for my first time.

    1. was there last night for the first time- good cocktails- get the Dark and Stormy or the Orange Julius
      as for the food.....disappointed........

      liked the peel and eat shrimp, and the burger was yummy- but IMPOSSIBLE to eat.
      the trout, the stinging nettle pasta, and the octopus salad were all WAY too salty

      gonna go write my review.....

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      1. re: msmd310

        i had the opposite opinion.
        i thought the cocktails were way too sugary--like something concocted for a teenager's taste, but i did like the food.

        they had a fish salad with grapefruit that was sublime and their king crab legs in mustard sauce were wonderful.

      2. Get the Proper Greyhound. It's amazing.

        1. The menu rotates on a regular basis. Right now I'm a big fan of the scallop and pork cheeks with creamy polenta. I also like the dungeness crab salad, but that will very depend on which cocktail I'm drinking, as that calls for something light and kinda licorice-ey.

          Regarding the drinks, it's a lot easier to give feedback to the bartenders if you're sitting at the bar. That being said, even if you're at a table or at the oyster bar, I've found the bartenders to be very accommodating regarding any drink preferences; in fact, I tend to prefer my drinks on the sour side, which is why I lean to drinks like their pimlico.

          The cucumber martini gets a lot of pub, but in my estimation, the pimlico is the better drink; they also used to have the sidecar on the menu, and while it's no longer there, you can still order it. Anyone who wants to get into cocktails should probably start there, as it's one of the original pre-Prohibition era drinks that still exists in roughly the same recipe. I didn't catch what cognac Hungry Cat uses, but the presence of fresh fruit is what really makes the drink sing.

          1. the bread pudding. for the love of god - get the bread pudding

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            1. re: Shags47

              definitely try the oysters – always fresh when I GO. had the mussels last time which were ok. all of their mixed cocktails are quite fresh. i didn't see the lobster roll on the menu when I went 2 weeks ago – what a pity.