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Mar 14, 2008 07:27 PM

Just went to Angelas Cafe -Amazing

Angelas Cafe in East Boston has been mentioned several times on here but for the sake of being repetitive -I had to chime in. We went there tonight for the first time based on teh recommendation of chowhound posts. It was a wonderful expereince. From the quality and flavors of food, to the staff, to the other patrons. I enjoyed every minute.

As many of you suggested we started with the guacamole which was superb. I had gorditos with mole and my husband had the mole poblano, excellent, excellent. We finished with the chocolate bread pudding. Never having bread pudding before we ordered it after hearing another table rave about it. It was pretty amazing. My husband thought it was one of the best desserts he's ever had. Not sure if this is a permanent fixture to the menu but it certianly should be.

The fact we chit chatted with the owners for 20 minutes after our meal was done shows to me how interested they are in their customers. The fact the owners were so wonderful makes me want to support this restaurant based on that alone. The food being amazing was a great bonus. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We most likely wouldn't have tried this place otherwise.

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  1. Cool I will check it out. Which subway stop is it near?

    Maverick? Airport, Wood Island?

    Winchester, MA

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    1. re: jdearman77

      Maverick is the closest. It's about a 10 or 15 minute walk from there.

      1. re: alansm

        The Airport Station actually is the closest.

      2. re: jdearman77

        places link has info

        Angela's Cafe
        131 Lexington St, Boston, MA 02128

      3. I stopped in for a sit down lunch on Thursday, then also ended up taking two bags full of assorted to-go goodies home for supper. Just can't get enough of this place, I haven't tried everything on the menu yet but working on it. Talked to the owner a bit, regarding potential beer and wine license (applied for,) eventual menu additions, and future expansion (upstairs, but likely not until end of year.)

        Thanks Chowhound, I wouldn't have ever known this place exists... although the word is getting around.

        1. I'm very excited to go, but I have three quick boring questions:
          1. Do they take reservations?
          2. If not, how busy is Friday night and what's a good time to go?
          3. Any parking suggestions? I would take the T as recommended but my Mum has a bad leg!

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          1. Angela's is open on Good Friday until 9 pm.

            1. re: jonship

              There is some street parking, but you may have to drive up and down a bit. Go EARLY--5:30 or 6pm is best. The place is packed after that. It only sits 18. You can call Luis (the son) and he may save you a table.

              1. re: KK66

                I've never failed to find on-street parking, but yes it sometimes involves circling the block.